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81% of financial top managers admit the highest potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies

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The era of crypto-skeptics has finally gone, as today’s top managers understand the explosive potential of blockchain technology and digital assets.

The Deloitte survey shows that 81% of financial top managers are ready for essential economic changes. 1037 respondents from China, Japan, Brazil, UAE, the USA, and other countries accept the fact that blockchain technology is among the current driving forces to open new horizons for businesses.

73% of respondents highlight that blockchain technology is the mandatory measure to overrun competitors. Furthermore, the survey shows that financial top-managers are crypto-positive, admitting the fact that digital assets are the next level of the economic revolution.

While talking about the most promising spheres of blockchain implementation, respondents point out the next spheres:

  • Custodial storage (45%);
  • Payment services (42%);
  • Diversification of investment portfolios (41%);
  • Decentralized Finances (39%);
  • Asset tokenization (39%).

This said top managers are more interested in diving deeper into blockchain and cryptocurrencies to use these revolutionary innovations to push their business to the next level.

As for key obstacles, the community distinguishes the uncertain regulation (63%) and low-tech financial infrastructure (62%).

According to the Block report, blockchain technologies have attracted $6.2 billion in Q2 2021 (90% growth compared to the previous quarter). As for the crypto market, 3% of all venture investments of 2021 originate from crypto-related businesses.

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