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Award-Winning B2Core Client Cabinet Solution Now Comes With No Setup Fee

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B2Broker is pleased to announce that B2Core, its award-winning pack-based client cabinet solution is now available with No Setup Fee! This is great news for potential users who can now implement the industry’s leading CRM solution and slash their costs by paying only for the package required!

What is B2Core?

B2Core delivers an industry-first CRM concept in a pack-based solution. It handles a multitude of tasks such as organising the work of Forex brokers and crypto exchanges, back office for employees and administrators, front-end for traders, verification and registration of customers, together with a huge range of payment functions.

B2Core is the must-have choice for any professional business including Forex and crypto brokers, converters, spot and margin exchanges, EMIs and crypto wallets, adding an extra dimension to traditional Trader’s Room offerings.

What You Get

B2Core offers a huge range of capabilities to deliver an innovative and unique bespoke service for clients. Not only is it easy to use, it is the ultimate solution for gaining complete control over your financial business operations.

An impressive range of adjustable features means you can pick and choose what suits your business. It’s the ideal solution for every company and the perfect solution for handling client-facing operations, regardless of your organisation’s complexity. Not only is it highly-customisable, it is a super- efficient, high-performance system that beats every other one-size-fits-all client cabinet solution in the market.

Standout Features

  • Dynamic Advanced UI Layout
  • Sumsub WebSDK Integration
  • Mobile App
  • IB Room Affiliate Module
  • Bi-Weekly Updates
  • 100+ Integrations (70 PSP, 10 Rates)
  • Integration with OneZero, PrimeXM, MT 4/5 and any other platforms

Get this huge range of valuable features with B2Core at no extra cost for only $1,500!

B2Core Packages

Users can choose from Basic, Advanced and Enterprise packages depending on their budget and organisational needs. Our Basic pack includes multiple features with full dashboard functionality at a budget-friendly price. Alternatively, businesses can opt for an Advanced pack with many more potential features and modules such as bonuses, IB Room and Converter, and integrations, including a large choice of payment solutions and external platforms such as B2Trader, MetaTrader, CTrader, DXTrade, AlphaPoint, OneZero and PrimeXM.

Larger companies can opt for an Enterprise pack, a solution which is ideal for where the client has their own specific requirements and demands in terms of the type of solution they want. In this respect, B2Broker develops and maintains the solution accordingly.

Whatever package you choose, you’ll be impressed with the extensive list of features on offer. Click here to view the chart and compare!

The Industry’s #1 Client Cabinet Solution

If you’re looking for a solution with functionality that can handle a broader and more customised range of demands than the industry-standard traders room solution, B2Core easily outperforms other products in the market and will exceed your expectations!

It is the ultimate solution which is highly-customisable and an efficient, high-performance system that will help elevate your business to give you the competitive edge!

Implement our B2Core award-winning CRM solution and take advantage of our No Setup Fee today!

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