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B2Broker Company News | 9.08.2021

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This week’s edition of our weekly company news features the latest news highlights and videos shared by B2Broker. Here’s a summary…


Number of new employees this week: 1


We have added a further 2 videos to our Youtube channel to promote our products and services including a further episode of our new Q&A video series:

Can our users send their money to B2Broker’s bank account?

QA Engineer interview | Faces B2Broker (Russian)


Last week CEO Arthur Azizov and COO Evgeniya Mykulyak visited the company’s Cyprus office to meet with prospective clients and catch up on all the latest happenings in our European office. To conclude their successful visit, the B2Broker Cyprus team joined Arthur and Evgeniya for dinner at Matsuhisa Restaurant, Amara Hotel, Limassol.

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