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B2Broker Updates B2Core to Include PAMM IB Module and Wallets Enhancements

Author: Rosemary Barnes

B2Core’s newly added features include:

Trading Account Opening on Request

Trading account opening is now possible on request. While creating a MT account product, admins can now set it so that it can be opened in the admin panel. The end-user will first need to have the request approved in order to get access to the created account so that brokers are able to first check on the client’s data before deciding whether to grant them access to a full or limited-version trading account. This feature is applicable for all B2Core owners with MetaTrader.

Anti-Fraud Upgrade

We have once again upgraded the Anti-Fraud section in the B2Core admin panel to include more functionality. These include the addition of comments fields to the white list exclusion table and status change form, for example, and enhancements to some of the notification procedures, such as date and time of event details, sort and filter-reset buttons. Full details are obtainable on request. This feature is applicable for all B2Core owners.

New Payment Systems

B2Core has integrated 2 new Payment Systems including Papara and ChillPay. B2Core continues to integrate new payment systems so that owners have even more opportunities to accept payments from their end-users. This is applicable to all B2Core owners (internal: B2Core owner needs to obtain an agreement with the payment system to accept payments through B2Core).

New Deposit Provider

A new deposit provider called Wire Document has been added. Users can now upload documents on the deposit page using this method as proof of wire transaction. This function is applicable for all B2Core owners.

deposit wire-doc.png

PAMM IB System

We have further developed our PAMM IB System so that information relating to investment accounts can be gathered in the form of a report, and rebates granted based on this information. All trading taking place on the PAMM platform can now therefore be rebated with the B2Core IB Module. This module is available to all B2Core owners with the PAMM system.

Design Elements

We have rebranded Log Out, Languages and Notification buttons which now look more professional and aligned. 


Advanced UI

We have now made it possible for users to click on Quantity in the Order Book and for Price, Quantity and Total to be automatically filled up in the order placement widget. It is now quicker to place orders by monitoring the orderbook. This is applicable to all B2Core owners with B2Trader or B2Margin.

Converter UI

We have also rebranded Converter UI to make it easier to understand and use. This is applicable to all B2Core owners with the Converter module.

B2B Demo_exchanger-exchange ver.2-3.png


Finally, we have rebranded OneZero and B2Margin wallets. They now showcase more data about the account with an overall more professional look. The changes are applicable to all B2Core owners with OneZero or B2Margin.

b2bdemo-wallet v3.jpg

The latest set of features once again boost B2Core’s capabilities, offering users improved user satisfaction and even better control over their financial business operations. For further information, please email [email protected]

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