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Deutsche Bank and FinLync Enable Real-Time Treasury for Corporates

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Through a partnership with FinLync, Deutsche Bank is able to utilize pre-built API integrations and SAP-integrated treasury applications to enable real-time interaction between corporate teams.

As a result, FinLync can integrate ‘up-to-the-moment’ bank data into any ERP platform or TMS, saving treasurers time to connect to Deutsche Bank APIs with fewer IT efforts.

The plug-and-play method will deliver improved working capital efficiency, including more precise cash forecasts and real-time payment tracking. In addition, beneficiary accounts will be pre-validated, and the reconciliation process will be accelerated.

Phillip Klein, co-founder and CEO of FinLync, explains that corporate teams have sought for many years to have access to all their bank data and integrate it directly into their existing systems.

“We are proud to be partnering with the renowned Corporate API Program of Deutsche Bank. Our company is committed to making bank API connectivity a simple plug-and-play experience for clients, enabling them to manage liquidity in real-time and thereby supporting faster and more informed decisions,” he says.

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