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Leaving Our Mark at The Massive Finance Magnates Africa Summit 2024


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May 20-22, we participated in the globally renowned event, Finance Magnates Africa Summit in Sandton City, South Africa, where we shared the floor with the most elite investment firmds, online brokerage firms and DeFi startups.

The event presented cutting-edge ideas for the financial world, discussing the most recent news in digital asset trading and the growing trends in Africa.

Let’s highlight some points of our participation and what makes this event a special one.

Proud Platinum Sponsors

We were glad to be platinum sponsors of this massive event, which gathered 2400+ attendees and hosted 60+ speakers from over 50 leading companies in online trading, FinTech, payment processing and cryptocurrencies.

Throughout the event, we were actively engaged in multiple workshops and cooperative activities. Our booth, #43, became the event’s focal point, attracting potential clients and interested investors who were eager to learn more about our offerings. 

B2Broker's participation at Finance Magnates Africa Summit 2024

Educating The Public

The 3-day event was an unmissable opportunity for us to learn and share ideas about the latest developments in brokerage solutions, payment processing technologies and liquidity trends

B2Broker's participation at Finance Magnates Africa Summit 2024

Our participating team played a major role in this by demonstrating our solutions to visitors, and our managers were featured in two main stage appearances.

On May 22nd, our business development manager, Andrew Matushkin, delivered a keynote speech on “Digital Asset Brokerage, Structure and Artifice”, where he addressed the latest market trends for brokerage firms and how offering customised services can boost your business.

Afterwards, Andrew joined an exciting panel discussion alongside leading organisations such as Mazars, Women in Tech, and FirstRand Bank. The panel discussed the growing blockchain practices in Africa and how they contribute to the financial system in a topic titled “Blockchain’s Role in Making Africa’s Financial Systems Inclusive.”

Next on The Agenda

FM Africa Summit 2024 was a great success, and we were glad to sponsor such as event, where we shared the floor with the world’s leading financial, trading and technology firms.

B2Broker's participation at Finance Magnates Africa Summit 2024

Our team was busy welcoming guests to our booth, where constructive meetings took place and innovative ideas were shared. As such, we will definitely consider pinning this even the next year.

One expo down, and many more to come. Keep your eyes on our agenda, and check out more events in your area so that you can meet us. See you next time. 

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