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2021 Crypto Year. Massive adoption is coming


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Massive Crypto Adoption

The year 2020 was extremely challenging for traditional assets like stocks, bonds, and even gold; meanwhile, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies entered the game of the investment throne, showing unbelievable growth since March. The world is ready for massive crypto adoption, while institutional investors are interested in what crypto to invest in 2021.

Do fiat currencies always pay their debts?

Crypto skeptics grounded their statements on the fact digital assets are backed by nothing. Meanwhile, people complain about inflation that makes money value evaporating. The USD’s value tumbled by 10% within the last six years. While talking about other countries, inflation rates sometimes reach 50% and even more. Hence, people are looking for the best crypto to invest in 2021 to save their funds.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top-rated digital assets have incredible return on investment indexes (over 9000%), and these assets perform the function of safe harbors. Bitcoin was profitable 98% of all days (24 h periods) since the first crypto had been launched.

Crisis isn’t a pit. Crisis is a ladder

This year has shown that it’s high time to move towards innovations. Institutional investors choose top crypto to invest in, while stocks and other traditional assets become less popular. The Grayscale Investment survey study shows that 55% of United States citizens wish to purchase cryptocurrencies. The same amount of US citizens prefers to invest in stocks (8% drop since 2006). The S & P 500 index increased by 13.37% in 2020. DJI index growth is 3.3% within the year, while Bitcoin price skyrocketed by 164.47%, setting an all-time high record of the market capitalization on December 1 ($368 billion). Other cryptocurrencies show even more impressive results: ETH (358% growth), XRP (215% growth), XLM (313% growth), etc.

Bitcoin-accepting businesses are expanding, and their number is about 40-100 million companies, according to different calculations. Even global corporations are expected to invest in cryptocurrencies. The study of Ethereum addresses showed that some of the addresses of crypto whales are related to Apple, IBM, Microsoft, and other world-known corporations.

Stablecoins and DeFi make the crypto market to have a happy ending

Since the first cryptocurrencies had been launched, there was a gulf between digital assets and traditional finances. Both sides have supporters and haters, and stablecoins were the first assets to harmonize two conflicting parties. The European Commission even calls stablecoins a threat to the traditional financial system. USDT may be called the crypto 2020, as the stablecoin sets new trading records. On November 17, 24h Tether’s trading volumes reached $196 billion (1010% of USDT market capitalization).

The DeFi sector is the next bridge between cryptocurrencies and traditional finances. DeFi projects make the notions of “lending and borrowing” crypto-related that seemed to be impossible in previous years.

Can parliamentarians be brave if they are afraid?

Crypto legislation becomes among the most urgent topics of this year, as the governments cannot ignore the rising power of digital assets anymore. There are still some countries where digital assets are prohibited, but such a legislative course is more understood as relics of the past. Developed countries have to accept the fact that cryptocurrencies pretend to become engines of future economics.

The USA, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, and other legislative trend-setters allow the use of Bitcoin and other digital assets as payment instruments. While talking about Amsterdam, Buenos-Aires, Prague, Zurich, and many other cities a person may live there without the necessity of using fiat money.

European Union is ready to join the countries where Bitcoin is fully legal. By 2022 the “Markets in Crypto Assets” are expected to come into force.

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