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The SHIB token’s army of holders surpassed the mark of 1 million

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In October the crypto community witnessed the unbelievable growth of Shiba Inu when the token skyrocketed by 11830% within 28 days, making holders happier.

Meanwhile, the experts understand SHIB as a meme-coin that has no real value. The same position was recently highlighted by the head of the Australian Reserve Bank. At the same time, the army of Shiba Inu holders is on the rise, trying to prove skeptics they are wrong in their judgments.

On November 25 the official meme-coin’s Twitter account announced that the token has surpassed the milestone of 1 million holders. The news fueled Shiba Inu to jump by 11.4%; nevertheless, the coin is now traded at 43.2% of its all-time high point.

The community remains positive despite the recent downs, as the Shiba Inu ecosystem continues developing. A set of crypto exchanges, including EXMO and Korbit, have listed the SHIB token after its explosive growth. Furthermore, the ShibaSwap decentralized exchange reached 24 h trading volumes of $59.6 million with 75 markets available for traders.

As for the future predictions, the crypto community is divided into two contestant camps: some experts point out that SHIB has a giant potential, while other influencers are still skeptical about the future of this meme-coin.

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