The Latest Trends in Brokerage Services in LATAM | B2Broker at iFX Mexico
Our business development manager, Pamela Linaldi, joined an exciting panel discussion during our participation at the iFX Mexico 2024. Pamela shared the floor with industry experts, talking about “LATAM E-Trading in Motion: How to Be Part of It?” and highlighting the current trends in brokerage services in Latin America. Pamela shared her experience and insight for newly established brokerage firms and how to establish your marketing and operations in a new country successfully. The talk ends with crucial tips that every broker must know. Check them out!
Highlighting our Participation at The Massive PAY360 London Expo
We concluded PAY360 London, a highly crucial exhibition for payment processing companies and fiat/crypto gateway providers around the world. We featured the event with a keynote speech by our business development manager, who talked about crypto payment processing, highlighting the importance of adopting an advanced payment gateway to manage your business and how crypto transactions are processed using our solutions. Here’s how everything looked inside the exhibition.
How Crypto Payments Work for Individuals and Businesses? | B2Broker at PAY360London
Get ready for an educational session on crypto payments presented by B2Broker’s Head of Business Development Department, Andrew Matushkin, during the PAY360 London Expo. Andrew discussed the role of blockchain payments and stablecoins for companies, highlighting the benefits of saving costs, fast transactions, and flexibility of crypto payment gateways. Check out how B2BinPay crypto payment methods allow you to streamline transactions with your clients and partners with high transparency and security.
Taking our Crypto & Liquidity Solutions to The Largest Online Trading Expo – iFX Mexico
iFX Mexico is coming soon, the leading online trading expo, where thousands of brokerage and trading firms share the floor to discuss the latest developments in FinTech, trading solutions, market trends and more! We are thrilled to take part in this event and share our advanced brokerage solutions and payment systems with attendees and potential business partners. Find us at booth #37 to learn more.
Scaling Your Business Using Advanced Payment Methods – B2BinPay Webinar
Catch up with our product manager, Vitaliy Shtyrkin, who conducted an informative webinar on the growth of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins as payment methods. The webinar titled “Streamlining Crypto: Next Generation Platform for Business” included crucial updates and figures from the crypto space, highlighting the importance of stablecoins, the growing role of Bitcoin transactions for merchants, and how you can use B2BinPay’s advanced payment processing to grow your business
The Best Tech & Marketing Tips to Start Your Brokerage Business
Our CEO Arthur Azizov and CDO John Murillo joined the podcast, discussing the differences between exchange and brokerage companies and the challenges startups face. As market experts, Arthur and John talk about the recent trends for crypto brokerage companies and the common mistakes many of them make. Tune in for more information and learn the three ways to launch your brokerage company.
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