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Avalanche to debut in the crypto top-10

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While the crypto market was moving down the previous weekend, Avalanche had hit another price record. The AVAX token reached its all-time high at $146.22, and the new record let the digital asset debut in the G10 of the crypto ranking – Avalanche replaced Dogecoin there, moving the meme-coin to the 11th position.

Since November 1, the AVAX price has already skyrocketed by 212.8%, while the yearly growth is 3740%. Avalanche is among the crypto breakthroughs of 2021.

Avalanche is a blockchain platform for decentralized applications, financial assets, and trading. Such a project is based upon the “Internet of Finances” idea. The developers outline their goals as making access to decentralized finances easier and available for everyone. Furthermore, Avalanche aims to unite different blockchains in one giant ecosystem.

The network offers users high scalability characteristics (4 500 transactions). For instance, Ethereum processes 14 transactions per second as of today.

Earlier this month, Avalanche Foundation announced the running of a development fund worth $200 million.

The project’s capitalization has exceeded the mark of $30 billion. According to crypto experts, Avalanche is among the most promising projects from the viewpoint of its ideas and goals.

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