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B2BinPay Update: Meet New Major Features

Product Updates

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B2BinPay is the industry’s leading crypto payments provider. Over the years, it has accumulated many clients because it always strives to provide the best customer service, maximum security, and support for all its users. Especially as demand for crypto payments has grown increasingly, a robust payment solution is required, and that’s why we’re constantly updating and upgrading our services.

B2BinPay New Releases

B2BinPay aims to deliver features that are always up-to-date to help give clients an enhanced user experience through the software. Their main focus in the new B2BinPay update is to provide their customers with more comfort and maximum security. Many new upgraded features and improvements have been integrated to assist in better and smoother high-speed transaction requests.


B2BinPay has released HelpDesk to make things easier, more accessible and more comfortable for their users. The HelpDesk will be available to tackle system and user concerns and provide technical assistance through the B2BinPay software.

Support Emails

Merchant users will now have the ability to connect emails with invoices through an effective email support system. This way, users will be able to resolve their concerns concerning a product or service more efficiently.


With chainanalysis as a newly added feature, B2BinPay brings you transaction-friendly blockchain intelligence. Merchant users will be provided an easy-to-use interface, real-time API, and constant monitoring of transactions for all cryptocurrency assets.

New Features

  • We added a new field name to the logs for all pages to assist both Merchant and Enterprise users.
  • The wallet page has a new currency filter that lets you filter wallet lists by currency.
  • We added a refund button to the Invoice details page to return funds to the payer.
  • Merchant user accounts now have new custom support emails to which requests from payers will be sent.
  • A new AML provider.


  • The AML system logic has been upgraded, so there will be no more long delays of up to an hour.
  • A short delay for repeated checks is now implemented when there’s a delay from the provider’s side. No additional checks are attempted if a provider fails to perform the final check from their side; hence an email notification is sent to compliance.
  • Merchant users who now seek a bank withdrawal will follow a specific calculation aiming at a fixed percentage of the withdrawal plus a fixed amount in the withdrawal currency (not less than the minimum commission amount). The B2BinPay Back Office will configure the percentage, fixed amount and minimum commission values. Furthermore, the contract amount is currently displayed below the amount field on the withdrawal creation form.
  • A more developed payment page to provide Merchant users with a user-friendly experience.
  • Token icons and the search field have been updated, all currencies now have tags added to them, and cryptocurrencies have been split up into different categories: Coins, Stablecoins, and others.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: the unchangeable language in the calendar widget.
  • Fixed: an issue that caused the commission currency to be displayed on the create exchange page
  • Fixed: an issue that caused incorrect filtration in the amount to the field on the exchange page.


B2BinPay has been in the market for a few years and has continued to progress and provide its users with the best updates it can offer. It constantly strives to provide the best customer service, maximum security, and support for its users. That’s why B2BinPay is the best software payment solution out there, continuously upgrading to the highest industry standards.

All you need to know about B2BinPay 2.0
For 2 years, B2BinPay has been working tirelessly to upgrade our top-3 digital assets processing in the world. Now it’s finally here the latest release.

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