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B2Broker Introduces B2Core Updates Including New Dashboard Functionality and Further Payment Integration

Product Updates

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New Dashboard Functionality

New dashboard functionality has been introduced and is now available to all B2Core owners. End-users can now access the space where all key information about their activity is stored which includes quick links, banners, trading account information and recent transactions, etc. The dashboard layout is fully adaptive so you can delete, add, resize and move widgets in the way you prefer to construct the optimal space yourself. The widgets will be available depending on your set (Payment Accounts for example, will only be for clients with PAMM). The following video gives an indication of how the dashboard will look.

B2Core – New Dashboard Functionality

B2Core – New Dashboard Functionality
B2Broker has introduced a new set of features to B2Core. The latest additions will provide users with an expanded range of capabilities and an enhanced overall experience.

Light/Dark Theme

We have also introduced Light/Dark theme functionality. This will enable end-users to switch to an appropriate version for them depending on whether it is day or night time. This function is applicable to all B2Core owners.

Internal Deposits

We have upgraded Internal Deposit details. From now on, if you receive funds that were sent to you by another user within one system, you will be able to “See Details” in Transaction History and from there, check the Client ID, Client Email and Account ID of the sender. This is applicable to all B2Core owners.

Account Balance USD Equivalent

An account balance USD equivalent has been added. In the admin panel you can now check how much the client has in the wallet both in the base currency, as well as in USD. This function is applicable to all B2Core owners.

Announcement Configuration

The announcement configuration in the admin panel now supports CSV import for targeted emails. If the admin has a marketing campaign targeted at a large number of clients, he can now prepare a file, create an announcement and import the emails more easily. This is applicable to all B2Core owners.

New Payment Integration

We have integrated Ensopayments PSP Solution, a platform that allows companies to quickly and securely accept or send payments through the most common and popular payment systems. The new integration is applicable to all B2Core owners.

The latest features add exciting new functionality to B2Core, resulting in an continually improving trader’s room solution that is not only easy to use, but helps admins get complete control over their financial business operations. For further information, please email [email protected]

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