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B2Broker Adds Further Functionality to B2Core Including Notification System and IP Whitelist

Author: Rosemary Barnes
B2Core’s newly added features include:

Notification System

We have developed a Notification System enabling users to create fully customizable notifications in the admin panel. These can be either “required to read” or “optional to read” and can be seen by the end-user after logging into B2Core. Clients will be able to check the notifications via the “Bell” on the front-end in every page, including Adv UI. This new feature simplifies the connection between the B2Core owner and B2Core end-users. Admins can now create a notification at any time, send it to a client they want to target and customize the notification content at any time. This feature is applicable to all B2Core owners. 1.png 2.png

New Payment Systems Integrations

B2Core has integrated 8 additional payment systems so that B2Core owners can offer their end-users an expanded choice of options. Included are SticPay, Bilderlings, WinPay, KoalaPays, Onero, PayPal, BCB and Connectum. This is applicable to all B2Core owners (Internal: B2Core owner needs to obtain an agreement with the Payment System to accept payments through B2Core).

Holds Selector

There is now a Holds Selector capability enabling B2Core owners to switch off/on the Holds System in the Admin Panel. This was developed for B2Core owners who do not want to hold funds after the client makes a withdrawal request and allows them to make further money movements. This function is also applicable to all B2Core owners.

IP Whitelist 

We have developed an IP whitelist for deposit/payout methods configuration. Now B2Core owners can secure payments by indicating only certain permitted addresses for callbacks. This is applicable to all B2Core owners.

Newly Designed Helpdesk Ticket Cards

Helpdesk ticket cards have been redesigned so that users can have a better intuitive understanding of the data layout on the front-end. This function is applicable to all B2Core owners with Helpdesk. B2BROKER_HELPDESK newstyles.png The new features once again enhance B2Core’s capabilities, offering users a multifunctional solution for maximum user satisfaction and control over their financial business operations. For further information, please email [email protected]
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