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B2Broker & B2BinPay Bring Innovative Solutions to iFX Expo Dubai 2023 — and Gain Momentum!


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B2Broker and B2BinPay recently returned from the dazzling sands of Dubai after attending iFX Expo Dubai 2023! It was a vibrant event, packed with exciting discussions and captivating presentations. Our team was delighted to meet with old and new friends alike, and we are now back in full force, ready to share our insights from the expo.

About iFX Expo Dubai 2023

For more than ten years, the iFX Expo has been a must-attend event for finance professionals from all over the world. Its 2023 edition brought together industry experts, professionals, and innovators from around the globe to share insights on the state of finance and economics, new technologies, and emerging trends.

As always, Dubai provided a stunning backdrop for the event, which was held in the world-famous Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC). As the epicenter for business in the Middle East, DWTC has been a key contributor to the growth of Dubai’s business tourism and trade since 1979.

Attendees explored a range of topics, including digital investments, compliance technology, payment processing, and many others. With a stellar lineup of over 100 speakers, including industry heavyweights, the iFX Expo Dubai 2023 was an unparalleled opportunity for our team to learn and connect!

Our teams had several dedicated booths and presentations at the event, and we received a huge amount of interest from attendees who wanted to learn more about our offerings. It was a great success, and we are excited to continue building on the momentum created at iFX Expo Dubai 2023!

B2Broker Speakers at iFX Expo Dubai 2023

We were proud to have several of our own speakers featured throughout the event:

We were proud to have several of our own speakers featured throughout the event:

At the event, Eugenia gave a great keynote speech on “How to Get Clients in 2023: Marketing and Client Acquisition for Brokers.” In her presentation, she discussed other firms’ successful marketing campaigns and reviewed the most effective brokerage marketing strategies. Her speech offered clear advice on how to adapt current practices in order to stay ahead in a rapidly changing industry environment.

iFX Dubai 2023 | How To Get Clients in 2023
In this video, B2Broker’s COO and Co-Founder Eugenia Mykuliak guides brokers on how to successfully gain clients in 2023. She reviews the most effective brokerage marketing and client acquisition strategies and discusses other firms’ successful campaigns.
John Murillo, B2Broker’s Chief Dealing Officer, and Andrew Matushkin, B2Broker’s Chief Business Development Officer

The panel session entitled “Fundamental Components for Scaling Your Margin Business” featured two of our team members, John Murillo and Andrew Matushkin. Both John and Andrew have vast experience in finance and business operations and provided excellent insights into the complexities of setting up a successful margin business.

Arthur Azizov, Chief Executive Officer and founder of B2Broker
iFX Dubai 2023 | The Survival Kit: The Payment Landscape in MENA
In this panel discussion, B2Broker’s CEO and Founder Arthur Azizov, together with other industry experts, discusses the current state and challenges of the payment landscape in MENA from both crypto and traditional perspectives. Arthur also shares his professional advice on effectively resolving these challenges so businesses can operate in the region to their fullest potential.

Arthur is a seasoned FinTech veteran with over ten years of experience in finance and IT. He participated in the panel discussion titled “Survival Kit: The Payments Landscape in MENA,” where he, along with other panelists, discussed the current state of payments within the region and shared his expertise on the current challenges faced by businesses in this region.

About B2Broker Group of Companies

B2Broker is a leading provider of liquidity, technology, and payment solutions for brokers, exchanges, and institutions, offering an array of products to help businesses succeed in the financial markets. Our comprehensive suite of services includes white-label trading platform solutions, liquidity aggregation, a CRM system, and much more. We strive to meet the needs of our customers by constantly updating services with new features and making sure that they remain at the forefront of online trading.

B2BinPay is a cryptocurrency processing provider offering secure and convenient payment solutions for companies. With low fees, real-time settlements, and a variety of features, B2BinPay offers an ideal solution for businesses that want to accept cryptocurrency payments. The platform supports a lot of coins and tokens, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC).

In conclusion, iFX Expo Dubai 2023 was a truly memorable event for B2Broker and B2BinPay, and we are excited to continue to build upon this success. Our teams were thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with industry experts and share our knowledge, passion, and commitment to providing innovative business solutions. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey!

Be sure to keep an eye out for our future events as we continue to grow and expand!