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B2Broker Company News | July 12, 2021

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In the current edition of our weekly news bulletin, we share the latest B2Broker news highlights, including product updates and events. Catch up with all the very latest company goings-on here…


Number of new employees previous week: 4

Articles posted

This week, we have posted the following articles in selected publications which were prepared for information and education purposes:

What is Forex CRM? How does it work?

How to Choose a Forex CRM For Your Business

We have also had 2 articles published in the media…

What is a Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway?

Fazzaco published an interview with Director of Hong Kong office, Steve Chow, who talks about CRM and crypto market trends in Asia:

Fazzaco Magazine July 2021


We have added a further 2 videos to our Youtube channel to promote our products and services including episode 2 of our new Q&A video series:

Software Architecture: Faces of B2Broker (Russian):

Q&A Video Series: Ask Arthur. Episode 2: What percentage of FX/Crypto brokers and exchanges fail?


We are pleased to announce a big update to our website in terms of languages and overall number of pages.

The current iteration of eight languages has now been increased to include 7 additional languages which means we now offer a total of 15.

Our updated list in which we deliver information through our website to potential clients is now: English, Russian, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, Turkish, Hindi, Farsi, German, Korean, French and Portuguese.

Moreover, we have started translating all our articles and news into all the available languages of our website.

With an impressive 938 web pages, has become one of the largest websites in the industry today by way of useful, comprehensive content.

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