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B2Broker Introduces B2Prop – Prop Trading Firm Turnkey Solution

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Proprietary trading, or “prop trading,” is quickly becoming a popular trend in the financial markets. Once a niche practice, the global prop trading industry, valued at USD 6.7 billion in 2020, is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.2% from 2021 to 2028. The increase in interest is obvious, with even search demand for the term “prop firm” skyrocketing by 8,409% between January 2020 and March 2024.

Therefore, in response to the growing demand for prop trading among traders and the subsequent need for specialised software solutions among brokers, we are proud to introduce B2Prop – a powerful, comprehensive turnkey solution designed to help businesses establish and grow their proprietary trading firms from the ground up.

More About B2Prop

B2Prop is a comprehensive challenge-based platform for various types of businesses—prop trading firms, crypto and FX brokers, multi-asset brokerage houses—to expand their portfolio with a new product and reach a broader audience. The development process was based on best practices and with attention to the needs of our clients.

B2Prop lets businesses create customised trading challenges that set specific metrics like profit targets, risk limits, and performance benchmarks. These challenges can be multi-step and offer support for multiple currencies, allowing clients to trade in different currencies. Importantly, B2Prop does not charge extra fees based on the number of challenges, accounts, or steps involved. 

Traders who successfully pass these challenges gain access to funded accounts, with attractive profit-sharing models that typically allow them to retain 70-80% of their trading profits. 

B2Prop integrates seamlessly with industry-leading trading platforms like MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader, with plans to add B2Trader, TradeLocker, and more in the near future. It also provides powerful dashboards that enable businesses to track trader metrics from registration through to the funded accounts stage, which ensures that the solution is both effective and aligned with the requirements of our customers.

Multiple Revenue Streams for Businesses

Multiple Revenue Streams for Businesses

B2Prop presents businesses with multiple revenue opportunities:

Challenge Fees

Companies generate revenue from the fees charged to traders for participating in proprietary trading challenges. Traders who fail to meet the challenge criteria often make three or more attempts to repurchase and pass the challenge, which further boosts the company’s income stream.

Profit Sharing

Only top-performing traders who successfully complete the challenges gain access to funded accounts. The company provides the capital for these accounts while retaining a share of the profits generated through the traders’ activities, typically ranging from 20% to 50%.

Customised Trading Conditions

Businesses can tailor trading conditions, such as commissions, to their advantage. Companies can implement higher commissions, which reduces the profits on funded trader accounts, resulting in lower payouts for the company to make while still benefiting from the difference.

Copying Successful Strategies

B2Prop is tightly integrated with B2Broker’s powerful copy trading platform, B2Copy, which opens up an additional revenue stream for businesses. Funding limits on trader accounts are adjustable, and the company can choose to copy the strategies of successful traders into its own accounts. This lets the company make extra profits without having to pay those traders.

Complete Turnkey Package: Everything You Need to Start a Prop Firm

Complete Turnkey Package: Everything You Need to Start a Prop Firm

The B2Prop Turnkey package from B2Broker is a complete solution for businesses to establish a successful proprietary trading firm.

The core of the package is B2Core CRM. This is where traders sign up, buy prop trading challenges, track their performance, and handle payments. Plus, it supports growth with integrations for payment services, KYC solutions, introducing broker platforms, and more.

The package also includes the white-label cTrader platform, customised specifically for prop trading firms. It combines cTrader’s advanced features and widespread usability with a cost-effective deployment model for businesses. Also, B2Prop can be integrated with MT4 and MT5 servers if the company holds the licence.

Additionally, B2Prop’s turnkey package includes B2BinPay, B2Broker’s blockchain platform. B2BinPay processes cryptocurrency payments and enables clients to credit their accounts using different coins and stablecoins on 8 blockchain networks. With their accounts funded, clients can then purchase trading challenges. This flexibility in payments can attract a broader range of traders.

B2Copy is another standout part of the package. This copy trading platform from B2Broker allows firms to mirror the strategies of successful funded traders directly into their own accounts. This means extra profits without having to pay those traders.

The B2Prop turnkey package offers transparent pricing with three different monthly plans:

Transparent pricing

Setting Up Challenges in B2Prop via B2Core

B2Broker has integrated B2Prop seamlessly into the B2Core platform. Administrators can access the Prop Trading section under the Investment Platform menu in the admin panel. This dedicated area contains the Challenges List page, where admins can create new prop trading challenges as well as manage existing ones.

My challenges

When creating a new prop trading challenge, first, administrators specify the challenge name, description, and upload a picture to showcase the challenge on the front-end. 

Next, they define the challenge parameters such as plans, steps, initial account settings, key performance metrics (minimum trading days, maximum loss limits, profit targets), fee amount, fee currency,  trading account amount, and trading account currency. Admins can also set rules for disqualifying participants who breach the daily loss limit.

Once challenges are created, the admin panel allows monitoring of participant progress. It shows a list of active and past accounts with their current challenge status (started, successful, or failed). Upon successful completion, administrators can mark accounts and create funded accounts for those participants.

On the front-end, traders can view the list of available challenges, complete with pictures and key metrics. They can easily join a suitable challenge with a single click and pay the entry fee from their wallet if required. 

Start Challenge

As traders progress, they can track important metrics like equity, maximum drawdown, number of trades, and more. The platform also provides day-by-day trading summaries with P&L and volume details.


Participants receive notification emails upon challenge completion, with details about their prop trading account. Furthermore, traders can view their past challenges along with comprehensive results and trading data for each account.

Raising the Bar in Prop Trading Technology with B2Prop

As a company dedicated to developing leading technology and liquidity solutions for businesses in the FinTech industry, B2Broker is proud to expand its extensive lineup of turnkey products with B2Prop. This comprehensive, ready-made solution enables businesses to start a prop trading firm from scratch quickly and effortlessly.

We invite you to try the B2Prop demo and explore its capabilities. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements!

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