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B2Core Updates 13/07/2021 – Latest Features and Improvements

Product Updates

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B2Broker has announced the release of its latest set of B2Core updates and improvements to ensure all users have continued access to the most technologically advanced and innovative CRM and brokerage infrastructure solution in the market. To follow are some of the latest additions to the B2Core system which includes new B2Trader functionality:

New Features

  • Simple Exchange B2Trader

There is now a new Simple Exchange widget for the Trader’s Room under B2Trader exchange. You no longer need to think about the order book, but simply “exchange” one currency into another. The operation is performed through a FOK order whereby the exchange either takes place or not.

  • B2Trader IB Room

B2Core now has the ability to connect the IB Room for B2Trader clients. Rewards are calculated based on the commissions paid by the trader invited by the partner.

  • 4 Payment System Integrations

Emerchantpay, Ramp, Axcess, Casso, Kassa24 & BetaTransfer.

  • Export Rework

The export of admin panel tables has been reworked and optimised and we have speeded up the export by at least 3 times.

Mobile App

  • Face и Touch ID

Face & Touch ID is now available in the B2Broker mobile app for a quick and easy sign-in!

Coming Soon!

  • Profile → Security. Opportunities to increase account security for the end user will be increased with the release of Anti-Phishing Code, Device Management and a dedicated page for all security modules.
  • We are also starting to roll out fully branded client Mobile Apps with a choice of set up under our account or under a client’s own account.

Look out for both these exciting developments in the near future!

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About B2Core

B2Core is B2Broker’s award-winning pack-based client cabinet solution (CRM) for the financial services industry offering a huge range of capabilities to deliver an innovative and unique bespoke service for clients. B2Core is not only easy to use, it is the ultimate solution for gaining complete control over your financial business operations.