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B2Broker Introduces Further Set of Features to B2Core; Adds European Central Bank as a Rate Provider

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B2Core is an industry-renowned bespoke solution for clients. Its newly added features include:


There is now the ability for clients to download attachments straight from the tickets. This will allow end-users to quickly download the file, then click and see the content in the corresponding program. File types supported including CSV, XLSX, XLS, DOC, PDF, MP4, MOV, M4V, AVI and GIF. Please note that this is applicable only to B2Core owners with Helpdesk.

New Template for End-Users

A new template – TransferRequestReceived_toClient is triggered after the client requests a transfer from MT to eWallet or the other way round. This is carried out as a confirmation of the request where the user can check all the details and cancel if there is a need to. This addition is applicable to brokers and crypto brokers only.

New Rate Provider

We have integrated the European Central Bank as a new Rate Provider. Converters, Brokers and all other solutions can now use these rates to offer end-users their pricings. This feature is applicable to all B2Core solutions.

Deposit Wallet Deletion

Deposit wallets from B2BinPay or other crypto PSPs that are being stored in the admin panel under Finance -> Deposit Wallets can now be deleted so that the end-user can obtain a new address. This is applicable for B2Core with crypto PSPs only. The new features once again enhance B2Core to offer users a multifunctional solution for maximum user satisfaction and control over their financial business operations. For further information, please email [email protected]

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