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B2Core & IDWise Partner To Deliver AI-Driven e-KYC & ID Verification Solutions

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We are thrilled to announce that our primary product, B2Core, is partnering with IDWise to deliver AI-driven e-KYC & ID Verification Solutions. As pioneers in providing comprehensive back-office solutions in the financial sector, this collaboration with IDWise marks a significant milestone. IDWise brings its specialist expertise in high-risk and high-complexity markets globally to the table.

By leveraging IDWise’s and our fully in-house developed, highly customisable suite of products, this partnership is set to establish a new benchmark in delivering a seamless, secure, and efficient verification process for our B2Core clients.

The Integration Insight

Striking the delicate balance between the competing demands of fraud prevention, regulatory compliance and user experience in the highly competitive fintech space is far from trivial. This partnership provides our B2Core customers with an intelligent “bank-grade” solution for identity verification that utilises the latest advances in global ID document verification technology, face match and certified liveness detection, along with comprehensive AML/PEP/Sanctions screening, all seamlessly integrated within minutes. These features empower our diverse clients across various global markets to offer their users a next-gen frictionless experience and save costs through automation while adhering to increasingly stringent global and regional e-KYC requirements, all at the same time.

In today’s digital age, with an increasing number of transactions being carried out online, identity fraud is on the rise. Fintech requires a highly adaptable and agile solution to address these challenges efficiently. “Given IDWise’s expertise in the e-KYC sector, we are confident that this partnership will be mutually beneficial,” says Arthur Azizov, our Founder.

Why IDWise?

Founded in January 2021, IDWise is a UK-based B2B SaaS company focusing on Identity Verification and Regulatory Technology. Boasting a team distributed across five countries, they offer AI-supported ID&V and e-KYC solutions optimised for various global markets. Their services cater to various industries, such as financial services, telco, insurance, crypto, transport, logistics, and e-commerce.

“Enabling digital trust through cutting-edge tech and hyper-localised identity verification solutions at an accelerated pace is ever more critical to stay ahead of fraudsters and to enable the fintech revolution to prosper,” said Baha Arab, Co-Founder & CEO of IDWise. “We are particularly excited about joining forces with Arthur and the amazing team at B2Core to enable our joint customers to establish trust with their clients more effectively at scale.” 

Final Remarks

B2Core, our flagship fintech CRM solution, offers a comprehensive suite of tools for businesses. With advanced trading UI, money storage & conversion, adaptive user layout, trading history & analytics, and many external integrations, including payment systems, trading platforms, and KYC providers, B2Core is the definition of cutting-edge technology in the Forex and Crypto domains. B2Core is designed to be simple, making it suitable for novices and experts.

Our collaboration with IDWise goes beyond standard business operations. It signifies our commitment to enhancing end-user protections in an era where data is paramount. Through this integration, we further fortify B2Core’s security, ensuring our consumers’ peace of mind regarding their personal and financial data safety.