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B2Core Launches Next-Level CRM Interface for Superior User Experience

Product Updates

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In the digital age, the front end of a platform like B2Core – a comprehensive CRM and back-office software suite for financial businesses – is crucial. It’s where users interact with our services and features. Blending aesthetics with functionality, the front end creates an intuitive and efficient experience. 

With the release of B2Core version 4, we’re introducing a fully renewed front-end, UI, trading features, wallet management, and more. Let’s explore them in detail.

Streamlined Dashboard UI

The B2Core Dashboard is a personalised command centre for users. With the introduction of a new left bar in the B2Core v4, users gain greater control over their dashboard layout. They can add widgets that provide quick access links, display trading account information, show relevant banners, and adapt to different layouts. 

This makes the Dashboard a dynamic and interactive space, ideal for monitoring financial activities and navigating through the platform with ease.

Component-Based Architecture

In the latest version of B2Core, version 4, we’ve implemented a component-based front-end architecture. This change simplifies our development process by centralising our library of interface components. These components are standard building blocks for the user interface, each independently tested and verified. 

By reusing them, we can update and improve the interface more quickly while ensuring quality. This approach reduces the need for frequent rechecks of the code. For users of B2Core CRM, this means a more streamlined, reliable platform that can adapt and evolve more efficiently.

Wallet Management & Funds Handling

In the Wallet section, the introduction of a new right bar, triggered by a simple click on a wallet, revolutionises how users access different transaction types and view recent activities. 

The Transaction Operations Module now includes a comprehensive set of functionalities such as deposit, withdrawal, internal withdrawal (located within the withdraw page), transfer, and exchange options. 

The Transactions History section has been reorganised, allowing users to expand each transaction row for details and categorise transactions under distinct tabs for easy navigation.

Advanced Trading

The soon-to-be-launched B2Trader Brokerage Platform (BBP) offers an advanced, user-friendly trading experience inside B2Core. 

B2Core’s offerings are also enhanced by integrating B2BinPay, our prime product for secure and efficient transaction processing. Alongside, B2Broker’s liquidity solutions offer extensive support with over 1000 instruments and covers all aspects from platform setup to risk management.

This all-inclusive ecosystem offers top-tier services and comfort to our clients at every step, demonstrating our group’s strong dedication to bringing our users’ experience to the next level.

Centralised Profile Management

The Profile area of B2Core v4 has also undergone some changes. Now located in the header for quick access, it integrates user settings, a robust security module, and streamlined verification processes. 

The updated Presets page, where users can save withdrawal details, has been redesigned for easier navigation. 

Alongside these improvements, the Sign-in and Sign-up processes have also been refined, focusing on security and user-friendliness, making the entry into the platform smoother and more intuitive. 

What Else Comes with B2Core v4?

B2Core v4 brings a range of additional UI updates to enhance user experience and operational efficiency further:

  • Empowering Introducing Brokers (IBs) – IB Dashboard and Reports with enhanced filtering, Banners, and Promo sections for better operational control and insights.
  • Enhanced Helpdesk – Improved chat functionality, support schedule visualisation, and support ticket management UX for more intuitive user support.
  • Smoother Mobile Integration and User Onboarding – Special QR code in the mobile app for seamless desktop-mobile transition and an Onboarding feature on each page to help users quickly adapt to new functionalities.
  • Refined Bonus Management – Separated Bonuses page into bonus programs and active subscriptions with filtering options.
  • Interface Flexibility – A special UI option allowing users to switch between the new and old interfaces for a personalised experience.

Final Remarks

Building on our recent integration of cTrader into our iOS app, B2Core v4 introduces a new phase in user experience. This update transforms our platform’s front end, focusing not just on looks but also on making the interaction more intuitive, efficient, and dynamic for our users. 

Check out B2Core v4 and discover all the fantastic front-end enhancements. We can’t wait to hear your feedback!