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Coinbase Rolls Out Test Of Fee-free Trading

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One of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms, Coinbase, has begun recruiting customers for Coinbase One, a subscription service that does not charge fees for trading cryptocurrencies.

Other program benefits include 24-hour phone support and $1 million in insurance against “unauthorised access” to a customer’s account.

Coinbase said on its website that it has already rolled out a beta subscription with new terms for certain users. These users have previously received email or app notifications inviting them to the test.

According to Alesia Haas, the chief financial officer, the majority of Coinbase’s revenue has historically come from transactions. At the exchange’s 2021 fourth-quarter earnings call she stated that the company is taking steps to diversify these revenues and expand non-transaction revenue streams.

The subscription fee for the service has not yet been disclosed. Likewise, details regarding who will take part in the beta test remain unclear.

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