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Institutional investors to increase their exposure in top-rated digital assets

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According to past opinions on the crypto market, mass adoption of digital currencies has been fiercely dependent on the interest of institutional investors. The year 2020 made crypto enthusiasts’ dreams come true, as major players then entered the market.

Explosive growth together with the unlimited potential of top-rated cryptocurrencies showed investors that digital currencies are a must-have choice when considering a portfolio of assets.

According to CoinShares, institutional investors continue to top up their portfolios with digital assets, in an attempt to capitalize on the market decline. Their weekly report informs that the crypto investment inflows reached $69 million (June 28 – July 4). Bitcoin leads the ranking, with the first cryptocurrency attracting $39 million. The top-5 also includes Ethereum ($18 million), Cardano ($2.1 million), XRP ($1.2 million), and DOT ($0.7 million).

As for their annual report, CoinShares is the only major player with a negative balance of crypto inflows (- $447 million). Other institutional investors have transferred $5.69 billion more to their portfolios. Block One (164 000 BTC), MicroStrategy (91 579 BTC), and Tesla (43 200 BTC) are the top Bitcoin holders.

Institutional investors understand the growing potential of cryptocurrencies. The NDAM survey highlights that 82% of major players who’ve already invested in digital assets are going to augment their shares in portfolios by 2023. What’s even more important is that 40% of those institutional investors are planning to make cryptocurrencies major investment instruments.

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