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Don’t Miss B2Broker’s Panel at Crypto Expo Dubai 2024


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As a premier provider of liquidity solutions in the crypto space, B2Broker has joined the ranks of industry leaders presenting at the Crypto Expo Dubai 2024. This global event will be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, welcoming over 10,000 attendees to learn and network with the crypto market’s best and brightest! 

The Scope of Crypto Expo Dubai 2024

Dubai is renowned for its openness toward emerging crypto technologies and fintech innovations, with numerous events covering the latest news and developments in the blockchain field. So, it is all the more impressive that Crypto Expo Dubai has firmly cemented itself as a regional leader in orchestrating Dubai’s most impactful crypto event. 

With 80+ companies and 60+ speakers joining the event from 30 countries, Crypto Expo Dubai plans to deliver a diverse crypto convention covering all the important trends in crypto. The summit participants will analyse the crypto industry thoroughly, dissecting the blockchain, altcoin, stablecoin and consensus algorithm sectors. 

What to Expect from B2Broker

With our cross-market expertise in liquidity, forex, indices, crypto and other asset markets, B2Broker has accumulated a unique experience across the last decade of operations. Our team plans to share the most important findings and achievements of the B2Broker group in the 2023-2024 period, covering the latest improvements to our liquidity products, white-label solutions and brand-new trading mechanisms. 

But B2Broker’s booth is far from being set in stone, as our team plans to conduct an extensive Q&A session, developing grounds for value-driven discussions. 

Join B2Broker’s Panel at Crypto Expo Dubai 2024! 

The Crypto Expo Dubai is a go-to event if you wish to peek into the future of crypto in the Dubai region. This event is almost singlehandedly shaping the roadmap to a crypto revolution in Dubai, gathering an impressive roster of thought leaders, business owners and industry experts within the Blockchain sector. 

So, don’t miss your chance to join the revolution! Sign up here and attend B2Broker’s panel at booth #7! 

Our team is eager to share knowledge and hear your thoughts! 

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