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Liquidity Test-Drive: Seeing is Believing


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There are no trivial matters in brokerage business: due to fierce competition, and demanding, sophisticated traders, brokers have to put utmost efforts in everything they do, starting from user-friendly and enjoyable trading environment and wide range of financial instruments, and to expert technical support and competent consultants. Though the high quality liquidity is probably the most important ingredient of a broker’s success recipe. In the end, the client’s loyalty and, as a result, the profitability of business, depends on the quality and the speed of execution. That is why it is so important for a broker to choose a reliable liquidity provider, that will allow them to gain the upper hand over the competitors. Want to know what a truly high-quality liquidity is? Welcome to B2Broker. Our unique liquidity has helped many brokers stand out from the competitors and achieve success. What’s the catch? ✓ We get liquidity from 17 global banks. ✓ We have SwissQuote bank as a prime broker ✓ We have Integral as out liquidity aggregator ✓ The execution speed is 0.07 sec. ✓ The range of products includes 78 currency pairs and 11 metals. Don’t want to take our word for it? You do not have to. Just come and see yourself. Previously, it took lots of time and effort to prepare for liquidity tests, but B2Broker makes it simple. Now anyone – both traders and brokers can do it within a few minutes. The procedure is quite straightforward. – Register – Make a small deposit starting from $ 1000 – Make a few trades with our liquidity, and feel the difference. We are sure you will not want to go.

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