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Sandeep Nailwal: Ethereum to become the leading crypto network

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Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon COO, expects Ethereum to become the leading layer-1 network. He outlines the explosive growth of DeFi assets as the most important catalyst for the Ethereum network development.

Polygon’s cofounder accentuates the number of Ethereum use cases rapidly increases; this is why the moment when Ethereum will claim the throne is just a matter of time. As for other networks like Cardano, Polygon, or Solana, Sandeep highlights it’s too early to talk about Ethereum killers.

“The Ethereum blockchain, due to its basic technology, security, high-level decentralization and the fast-growing community and its trust towards this blockchain solution, it is just beyond the reach of any other chain”, – Nailwal commented on the future Ethereum perspectives.

Earlier this year the second-largest crypto has overrun Bitcoin by the number of L2 transactions. In the meantime, Polygon is rather a competitor for the G2, as the number of Polygon active L2 addresses has skyrocketed by 330% since June 2021. On September 27, Polygon surpassed Ethereum by this index for the first time – 351 000 Polygon addresses against 326 000 Ethereum ones. Bitcoin is still the leader with over 600 000 L2 active addresses.

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