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US Congressman to invest in Ethereum and Cardano

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For a long time, cryptocurrencies have been out of the law, and skeptics were sure digital assets are just the next financial bubbles. 12 years later crypto assets turned the opinions upside down, proving that the new class of assets contains enough power to revolutionize the traditional economy. As such, the officials are going step-by-step to join the trend.

At the beginning of the year, Miami’s Mayor allowed citizens to receive salaries in Bitcoin. July 2021 has brought more pleasant news for crypto holders. The US Congressman, Barry Moore, is among the crypto investors, as the politician declared his digital assets in a PTR.

Mr. Moore has chosen three cryptocurrencies to invest his funds in: Cardano, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. It’s interesting enough that the US Congressman understands those cryptocurrencies more promising than Bitcoin. Purchase transactions are made in May and June worth from $1000 to $15 000.

Barry Moore is an Alabama representative in the US Congress. This said, Barry joins the crypto supporting camp, and such a signal seems to be good for the global crypto market.

Mr. Moore is among multiple investors who continue to stake on digital assets, despite the market decline. Since May 2021, the crypto market has lost 45% of its market capitalization. Crypto whales consider the period as a perfect moment to purchase more crypto assets at undervalued prices.

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