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17% of Australian 18+ citizens hold cryptocurrencies

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The Findler’s Cryptocurrency Survey disclosed the fast-growing interest of Australian citizens towards digital currencies. According to the survey, 17% of Aussies hold crypto assets, understanding their highest potential.

The survey highlights that the representatives of gen Z more likely prefer digital currencies as an investment instrument – 31% of Australian zoomers hold cryptocurrencies. While talking about reasons non-holders haven’t bought cryptocurrencies yet, 20% of respondents say they don’t know how to purchase digital assets.

As for particular cryptocurrencies held by Australians, Bitcoin heads the ranking – 9% of Aussies invest their money in the first digital currency. Other holders choose Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ripple for investments.

This survey places Australia in the 4th position according to the rate of crypto holders. The top-3 list includes Nigeria (32% of crypto holders), Vietnam (21%), and the Philippines (20%).

Australia is among the most crypto progressive country, as the first crypto city appeared there in 2018 – Agnes Waters had become the first location where citizens and tourists could pay digital currencies for all goods and services.

As of today, Melbourne (107 crypto-friendly businesses), Sydney (90 crypto-accepting companies), Brisbane (42), and 6 more cities offer crypto holders to live, using no fiat money.

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