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B2Broker Becomes Resident of Prestigious Belarus Hi-Tech Park

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B2Broker is pleased to announce that Belarus Hi-Tech Park (HTP) has welcomed the company as one of its latest members. HTP is a tax and legal regime in Belarus that contributes to the favorable development of IT business in a similar way to Silicon Valley in the US. Becoming a member of HTP has been a key focus of B2Broker in recent times as it offers B2Broker great potential and credibility. Due to the fast-paced nature of the company’s fintech operations, it made clear business sense to be part of one of the region’s highest-profile innovation centres.

HTP Background

Belarus Hi-Tech Park (HTP) is a tax and legal regime based in Belarus with the aim of promoting the favorable development of IT business operating on a principle of extraterritoriality. This effectively means the state is exempt from the jurisdiction of local laws. The companies registered within the Park can enjoy all the benefits provided irrespective of the location of their Belarus office.

Highly qualified specialists enhance the competitiveness of Belarus HTP in overseas markets, many of whom are trained in prestigious international educational centers, such as IBM, Microsoft and Novell.

HTP actively engages in supporting IT education and innovative entrepreneurship supporting around 80 joint laboratories in Belarusian technical universities. An educational center has also been created to provide re-education for adults looking to start a career in the IT industry, as well as training for employees of IT companies who wish to build on their knowledge and skills.

Today, HTP is one of the leading innovative IT clusters in the Central and Eastern Europe region.

B2Broker HTP Membership

B2Broker’s operations in Belarus are of prime importance for the company strategically with the company’s presence there allowing for the onboarding of clients under Belarus jurisdiction. Its membership of the HFT further adds to its credibility of having a Belarus licence by providing benefits conducive to doing business and attracting key talent in the region. B2Broker’s office expansion plans will allow it to hire top talent and provide the company with greater scope for further developing its products and services. As a Fintech company, technology is 50% of the company’s business so it remains highly important for the business to hire exceptional talent.

B2Broker COO, Evgeniya Mykulyak, commented, “We are delighted to have achieved our goal of becoming a member of the prestigious Belarus HTP. There are so many reasons to be there both from a strategic perspective and to allow us to reign in on the best IT talent. New people create business, people create technologies and technology creates people and business – it’s all interconnected, so we’re definitely in the right place!”

The news comes after the company announced earlier this year that it had received approval as a Forex and CFD Prime Broker in Belarus after securing the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (NBRB) License. The Forex license was issued under the name of Prime Brokerage Services Limited (B2Prime), part of B2Broker group of companies, allowing the company to operate in Belarus in accordance with the country’s local legislation.

Having both the NBRB license and Belarus HTP membership positions B2Broker as a technology and liquidity provider of the highest calibre and in a very strong position to compete on an international level.

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