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B2Broker Boosts its Liquidity Offering With an Additional 61 Crypto CFD Pairs

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B2Broker has announced that as part of its continued efforts to improve its clients’ trading needs, the company is increasing its Crypto CFD liquidity offering with the addition of 61 new pairs. B2Broker is known for being the first liquidity provider to launch 39 Crypto CFD pairs with a leverage of 1:5, now offering a total of 100 pairs. The 61 new Crypto CFDs will include a brand new range of pairs including all major cryptocurrency to top most tradable national currencies; US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Japanese Yen (JPY), Pound Sterling (GBP), Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), New Zealand Dollar (NZD). In addition, B2Broker provides the most tradable crypto cross pairs including BTC/XRP, and BTC/ETH. The new pairs added will be an enhancement to B2Broker’s existing solution and will create further trading opportunities for its clients. Market Watch data illustrating the volume and depth of liquidity aggregated by B2Broker. Even large orders can be executed without slippage/min slippage. B2Broker is recognised as having been one of the first liquidity providers to provide CFD Liquidity for institutional clients, offering the highest level of support available, with 24/7 trading for all 100 crypto pairs with 24/7 support in English, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Spanish. In addition to Crypto CFD liquidity brokers receive forex, metals and many other CFD liquidity on the one single margin account. Deepest pool, tight spreads, ultra low latency connection, super fast execution and a wide range of trading products are all readily available for Forex Brokers, Crypto Brokers and Crypto Exchanges. Brokers can connect to the liquidity service quickly and easily, with bridges offered as part of the package to clients operating MT5 and MT4 trading platforms. Clients even with large trade sizes can trade easily with filling of execution taking place in just milliseconds. Please contact us to enhance your brokerage services with the industry’s best liquidity.

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