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B2Broker Updates B2Core to Offer Advanced Admin Modules and Enhanced Security Features

Product Updates

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Unique Pack-Based Solution

B2Core introduced a new pack-based solution to the market, encompassing a huge range of new capabilities to deliver an innovative and unique bespoke service for clients. The result consolidated all previous aspects of Traders room, including clients area and enhanced the company’s existing SaaS solution with superior functionality to handle a broader and more customised range of demands.

B2Core includes basic tasks such as organising the work of forex brokers and crypto exchanges, back office for employees and administrators, front-end for traders, verification and registration of customers and a huge range of payment functions. It has become the leading choice of many professional businesses including FX and crypto brokers, converters, spot and margin exchanges, EMIs and crypto wallets, adding an extra dimension to other typical Trader’s Room solutions with the following distinctive features: Dynamic Advanced UI Layout, Market Depth, Grouping of Volumes and Watchlist. Its newly added features are listed below.

B2Core Latest Updates

Ability to Trade Enable/Disable Feature
The first update to B2Core is the addition of a new feature that allows you to enable/disable the ability to trade for B2Trader exchange clients. This has been added to the admin panel as shown.

New File Format for Reports In addition, it is now possible to unload reports in CSV format. This new file format has, once again, been added to the admin panel (Finance -> Reports). This has been done to improve file upload speed as illustrated:

Comparison of report upload time in CSV and XLSX:

Monthly Report:

  • CSV file – real 0m8.575s
  • XLSX file – real 8m47.560s

Daily Report:

  • CSV file – real 0m13.208s
  • XLSX file – real 17m21.397s

Registration Constructor Form

Next, is the addition of the Registration Constructor form. In the admin panel (Registration Wizards – Advanced), you are now able to set fields and requirements for field values and translate the registration form into any language. All changes will be displayed on the frontend.

Anti-Fraud Module Update

There is also an updated Anti-fraud module in the admin panel. The module now consists of a table of events and a list of procedures that need to be performed and is now visible inside. These can be viewed in the To Do status. The ability to change the statuses of procedures has also been added, together with a log of changes in the statuses of procedures to monitor the process.

Anti-fraud settings allow you to configure each event. This function now includes adding exceptions to each event, setting the parameters of the event trigger, and setting recipients of the events by email i.e. you can configure it so that only specific people will receive the triggers of this event. Anti-fraud procedures enable users to configure and edit procedures for each event, set priorities, etc.

New Password Feature

A new password feature has also been added in the settings of the admin account of the user. You can now generate a random password and then send the data to the email via a tick. Included is the ability to enable/disable 2FA at the entrance of the admin panel for a specific user.

B2BinPay Integration

The integration of B2Core with B2BinPay 2.0 is now done in accordance with completely new logic. A new menu item called Connection has been added to the B2Core admin panel where keys will be entered once. Thereafter, in the settings of the withdrawal/deposit methods, it will no longer be necessary to enter the keys each time as Connection will be immediately selected.

A B2BinPay block with the Wallets and Wallet Withdrawals section has been added. After adding the keys in the Wallets tab all merchant wallets with balances on each wallet will be pulled up. The ability to withdraw from a virtual wallet to any address through the B2Core admin panel is also now possible. These functions are limited by rights.

Airtm and Decta Payment Integrations

B2Core has also integrated with two new payment service providers AirTm and Dectain order to support further online payment requirements.

Constructor for PAMM-Connection

The further creation of a constructor for PAMM-connection now means that clients now can add unlimited redirection to PAMM-sources. Also available are different settings including front-end translation and groupings, etc, illustrated as follows.

Technical Email Template

The technical e-mail template has also been updated, featuring a new attractive design, while offering complete flexibility in customization.

Constructor for KYC

Finally, an improved Constructor for KYC has been added making it possible to create verification levels, and at each level to configure documents that the client requests at the front through Document Groups. Changes are displayed on the front in real time.

A Multi-Featured Package To Suit Every Business Need

B2Core now offers an even broader range of vital new adjustable features, providing users with the means to adapt the solution according to their needs. It is the must-have solution for every company and one which is capable of handling client-facing operations of every type of financial business, regardless of complexity.

The new features further enhance B2Core and deliver a cutting-edge solution that enables you to bypass all the one-size-fits-all client cabinet solutions in the market

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