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B2Broker Disrupts the Market with a New Generation Copy Trading Platform

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The copy trading market is on track to grow from $2.2 billion to $4 billion by the end of this decade, according to a report by The Insight Partners. For brokers, this growth signals a crucial opportunity to adopt sophisticated copy trading platforms that cater to trader demands.

At B2Broker, we prioritise client feedback in shaping our offerings. Therefore, we have released a new generation of the B2Copy platform to shake up the copy trading landscape with unrivalled customisation options, growth-oriented master trader profiles, seamless user experience, and much more!

While many solutions exist for MT4 and MT5, B2Broker is the first company after Spotware (cTrader Copy) to provide enterprise-grade copy trading solutions and the first to introduce PAMM for cTrader. Let’s go through all the amazing features B2Copy brings to the table.

B2Copy — 3-in-1 Solution of PAMM, MAM and Copy Trading

B2Copy is a versatile investment platform combining copy trading, PAMM, and MAM features. It helps copy-trading brokers attract investors eager to replicate successful strategies and assists existing brokerages in reactivating inactive accounts by introducing copy trading as a new revenue stream. PAMM brokers can set up investment funds, while family offices and hedge funds benefit from flexible PAMM and MAM solutions. Prop trading companies gain better risk management controls. B2Copy also enables seamless collaboration with regulated fund managers, offering tailored investment solutions for various strategies.

B2Copy advantages for brokers

Major Updates in a New Generation of B2Copy

In the new generation of B2Copy, we proudly present some massive performance upgrades, UI/UX improvements, and deeper customisation options.

Unmatched Performance Metrics

B2Copy offers a powerful tool for brokerages to expand their reach and unlock new revenue streams. With its exceptional performance and results, it has proven to be an invaluable asset for clients and their end-users.

B2Copy performance metrics

Ultra-Fast Execution and Extensive User Base

One of B2Copy’s most impressive features is its ability to handle transactions rapidly and efficiently. With the capacity to process over 1,500 deals per second, the platform ensures that all investors, regardless of how many are connected to a single master account, receive the best possible trade execution without delays. 

Moreover, the platform supports extensive connectivity, capable of linking over 5,000 investors to a single copy master and more than 1,000 to a PAMM master. 

Platform Turnover

B2Copy now serves over 65 active brokers, over 16,000 master accounts, and about 40,000 investment accounts. Given B2Broker’s reputation and the scalability of B2Copy, these numbers are expected to grow, particularly as enhancements and new features continue to roll out.

Looking at a broader timeframe, from May 2023 to April 2024, it handled a total turnover of $615.6 billion, which highlights B2Copy’s ability to handle substantial financial volumes and shows its significant role in the global trading market.

UI/UX Upgrades

master account creation

We have redesigned the UI to be more visually appealing and user-friendly. The user flow has been simplified by breaking down complex processes into guided wizards. Instead of filling out lengthy forms with 20-30 fields, users now complete tasks in 5 clear steps with 2-3 options each. Also, we’ve automated certain processes, which massively reduces the need for extra actions after creating a master account or subscribing as an investor. B2Copy also comes with built-in trading bots, which can be used to increase trading activity on a service, giving users a more dynamic trading experience.

More Customisation Options

In the latest release, we have also introduced a range of customisation options. Master traders can personalise their profiles with nicknames, pictures, and descriptions, allowing for greater individuality and professional presentation. Some notable customisation upgrades include:

Fee Structure

The revamped fee structure now includes six types of fees: performance fee, trade fee, subscription fee, profit fee, management fee, and joining fee. Additionally, there are six options for calculating performance fees and two options for management fees. This fee structure allows master traders to charge investors in their preferred way for providing signals or for opportunities to invest in their PAMM accounts.

Minimum Deposit Modification

This feature allows masters to set a minimum investment amount, ensuring their strategies are appropriate for the account size. This is crucial because some trading strategies require a minimum investment of $1,000 or $10,000 to work effectively. When setting a minimum deposit, masters can improve investor performance and satisfaction by ensuring that only suitable investments are made.

New Widgets

We have introduced new widgets for brokers’ websites, separating the leaderboard and statistics pages. Masters can now share direct links to their statistics pages, which makes it easier to showcase their performance on social media. 

Promo and Subscription Codes

subscription creation

Promo and subscription codes offer masters powerful marketing tools. Promo codes allow masters to create special conditions for their investors, run their own marketing campaigns, and offer discounts or exclusive deals on their courses or signals.

Subscription codes are for professional masters who have their own websites and pool of investors. It enables masters to promote their strategies outside the brokerage website and create private, invitation-only strategies protected by passwords. 

These accounts will appear on the leaderboard, but only clients with the special code can view detailed statistics or subscribe. This allows masters to target specific investor groups and maintain control over who can access their strategies.

Scoring and In-Depth Analytics

B2Copy leaderboard

We have added a scoring system to the leaderboard that uses multiple parameters, which makes it easy for new investors to identify top-performing masters. A higher score means a better master, simplifying the selection process. For detailed analysis, 29 statistical parameters are available on the statistics page, which allows investors to evaluate a master trader’s strategy thoroughly before investing. 

Overall, with over 250 customisable settings, the platform can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each broker and its user, ensuring a personalised user experience.

Major Developments on the Horizon

We’re currently working on a range of features to make our investment platform even more flexible and convenient for our clients and their end-users:

Cross-Server Copy Trading Solution

B2Broker serves many large brokerage companies, most of which operate several trading servers for MT4, MT5, and cTrader platforms. To accommodate their needs, our team is actively working on the introduction of cross-server copying. This will allow clients on one MT4 server to copy positions from another MT4 server, enabling brokers to offer copy trading across all their servers. The same capability will be available for MT5 and cTrader platforms.

Multi-Platform Copy Trading Solution 

For brokerages using multiple trading platforms like MT4, MT5, and cTrader, we are developing a multi-platform copying solution that will allow clients to choose their preferred platform for copying positions. Brokers won’t need to force traders to switch platforms; for example, a master trader can be on MT5, while investors can use cTrader or MT4. This flexibility will let everyone invest on the platform they prefer!

State-of-the-Art Integrations

cTrader, MT4, and MT5, can be easily integrated into B2Copy. This allows master traders to link their previous profiles swiftly and lets investors maintain continuity with their existing investment accounts, meaning user adoption from different platforms is easy for all parties involved.

B2Copy also seamlessly integrates with B2Core, our in-house CRM and back-office solution. This integration ensures that all B2Core functionalities, including e-wallets, IB modules, referral programs, account transfer capabilities, and more, work harmoniously with B2Copy. The result is a single, upgraded platform that leverages all the successful tools of B2Core’s exceptional CRM suite. 

Additionally, B2Copy can be integrated with other proprietary broker CRMs, ensuring that whether used as a standalone platform or alongside B2Core, B2Copy enhances broker functionality.

Final Remarks

B2Copy is a sophisticated investment platform that stands out for its speed, scalability, and innovative features. Its substantial impact on the trading market, combined with its forward-looking infrastructure, makes it a leading choice for brokers and their end-users worldwide.

B2Broker provides a staging environment for tests. Contact us today to experience the market-leading copy trading software yourself! We have a special offer for brokers migrating their client base from other Copy/PAMM platforms to B2Copy!

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