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B2Core iOS v1.22 Introduces Centroid Integration and New IB Module

Product Updates

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We at B2Broker consistently strive for innovation to meet the evolving demands of our clients. Thus, we are excited to announce a new upgrade to the B2Core iOS app with the release of version 1.22. This update includes several significant changes, namely integration with Centroid accounts and the addition of the IB module, which will greatly enhance the functionality and user experience of the app.

Building on the momentum of the 1.20 version, which introduced the opportunity to trade on cTrader directly from the mobile app, the new edition represents another step forward in our ongoing commitment to providing sophisticated and comprehensive trading solutions to our clients.

Centroid Integration

Centroid Solutions, known for its expertise in risk management, bridging, execution, and hosting infrastructure for multi-asset brokers, is now integrated into the B2Core iOS app. This integration opens up new possibilities, offering our clients more control over their funds.

Centroid Integration

Specifically, users now have the capability to log into their CentroID margin accounts and execute transactions directly within the B2Core interface, eliminating the need to switch between multiple platforms.

IB Management in iOS

We are proud to launch the IB module within the B2Core iOS app as part of the new update. This new feature can be found in the Profile menu and as a separate widget on the dashboard. Now, with the IB Room, users can see a list of available IB programs, send requests to join them, and conveniently access their affiliate links from their smartphones.

IB Wallet

The IB Module also includes the added feature of the IB Wallet, which showcases all commissions and rebates earned through referrals in real-time. Clients can easily monitor their earnings and use them for transaction execution.

Customisable Links

Additionally, users can generate and customise their unique IB referral links separately for each IB campaign to attract referrals. This feature enhances the referral program experience, making it more personal and effective.

Customisable Links

Final Remarks

We wish to emphasise that this is only the beginning of the IB Room functionality within our B2Core iOS application. Currently offering the core features of our IB module in v1.22, we are committed to expanding and refining the module to be in line with the more extensive capabilities available in the web version. 

Future updates will bring new advanced features such as detailed reports about IB client activity and integrated IB Dashboard. These enhancements will ensure a comprehensive mobile experience, providing clients with deeper insights into their operations.

Our team is constantly working towards improving our products to cater to the ever-changing demands of the financial market. We look forward to receiving feedback and suggestions to continue enhancing our solutions.

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