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B2Core Introduces Beta Version of Mobile App

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B2Broker is pleased to announce that the B2Core development team has released a beta version of the mobile app. B2Core regularly updates the solution to ensure that users always have access to the most technologically advanced client cabinet solution in the industry. The launch of the app is a huge milestone for the company as it introduces its ever-popular solution in a different software form and evolves into a true Enterprise solution.

With the new app, B2Core clients will now have a real turnkey solution that includes not just the desktop version, but also a mobile version, with a full roadmap in place to develop all of the functionality that is currently available in the desktop version.

The app features the following functionality: Login, Registration, Wallets, MT4, Deposit and Transfer with over 30 payment integrations. The development team is already working on MT5, Withdrawals and a version of the app for Android, all of which are coming soon!

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We would like to advise our users that although this application has gone through multiple testing cycles, there are still a few adjustments needed in terms of optimisation and redesign, so please bear with us as we are already working on them. All clients will be informed about release updates.

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B2Core is very easy to use and is the industry’s top solution that helps admins gain complete control over their financial business operations. If you’re not yet a client and are looking for an industry-leading solution, please email [email protected] for assistance.

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