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B2Core Updates: New SumSub KYB Feature and Event Log

Product Updates

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To follow are the key points and major updates:

New Features

  • SumSub KYB

  • When changing the client type (individual/corporate), the client’s verification level in the Trader’s Room and verification system will be set to 0 and re-verification will be required. This option is available if the Client Resetting Mode is enabled in External Connections for SNS. Note that it is disabled by default.

  • Event Log

  • A new tab was added to the client’s details enabling a user to add notes and commentaries relating to the client. Supported text formatting, hyperlinks, attachments, replies and message editing.

  • Parameter Constructor for Services

  • It is now possible to configure additional parameters for each service. When adding a service to a client, these fields will be required.

  • IB Symbols Export

  • It is now possible to export settings to CSV, change the formula and then import these symbol settings in the same or in a different IB Type. The Export button is available on the Symbols tab of IB Type details.

  • Min Position Lifetime

  • A new parameter was added to MT4 and MT5 platforms in Introducing Brokers. If a position was closed earlier than the min position lifetime, it will not be taken into account in rewards calculating.

  • Clients Access Rights

  • You no longer have to manage client rights from different parts of the Back Office. Clients access rights management has been moved to the Clients Rights subsection in the System. You can create and edit access levels, assign a level to a client from the details of his profile, etc.

  • Transaction Verifying Handler

  • A new type was added to Events. You can now receive email notifications once a RED transaction is detected in Transaction Monitoring (KYT SumSub). The notification contains transaction details and risk score.

  • Account Created Handler

  • Another new event type, which sends POST requests to a provided external URL when opening an account for a client has been added. Request body contains the client’s identifiers, account number, and product details.

  • New payment systems

  • We have integrated new payment systems – BPay, Zaha, Toshimart, TopChange Pay, EeziePay and 9PAY.

  • IB Reports

  • A Reports section has been added. Acquisition report and Payment report are currently available.

  • IB API Clients

  • You can now connect your application and get API access to them via the Back Office. In Services > Security > API Clients, you can add an API client and get Client ID and Client Secret. You can also delete the clients, if necessary.


  • We have significantly enhanced our authorization technology.
  • iDenfy and IDM settings have been moved to External Connections.
  • Receiving of Optimized rates from CryptoCompare. From now on, instead of sending a request for every pair we accumulate the pairs and send one request for all.
  • New supported formats on thFiles tab in the client’s details: DOC, DOCX, XLSX, CSV, PAGES, NUMBERS, ZIP.
  • API Key in B2TraderShadow platform configuration is now visible.
  • Every export request can now be done in a matter of minutes.
  • Asynchronous balances are now updated right on the open page with no need to refresh.
  • In Introducing Brokers, tier ID has been replaced with tier name.
  • MaxMind diagnostics have been added to Introducing Brokers services.
  • IB now supports PostgreSQL reporting for MT5 rather than only MySQL as before.
  • Integration with ChillPay has been adapted for payment statuses, success and error URLs were added to the method configuration.
  • Added validation to the Lots per unit field in Bonus Presets. Now zero value cannot be saved.
  • Balances on all remaining (Transfer, Deposit, Withdraw, MT5, MT4, Internal Transfer) pages are now updated asynchronously for quick and correct displaying of information.
  • The Wizards functionality has been improved: repeated signals of already completed wizards steps are blocked.
  • For the IB section, we have reworked and optimized the naming of entities related to Symbols.

Bug Fixes

A few bug fixes have been implemented to resolve some minor anomalies associated with Client Rights, Transaction Monitoring and widgets, including the mobile app.

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