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Bitcoin has reached a new all-time high over $68 000

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On November 10, the crypto community celebrated one more industry-changing event, as Bitcoin had set another price record. The first digital currency reached $68 789 per coin, while the market capitalization touched the level of $1.3 trillion.

While looking at the ranking of the largest companies by market capitalization, Bitcoin would have been ranked at the 6th position, next to Amazon ($1.765 trillion). The overall market capitalization was one step from the psychological threshold of $3T ($2.977 billion). Ethereum, the second-largest digital asset, followed the trend – ETH reached its new all-time at $4 859.

The bullish crypto trend is in progress. Kraken exchange analysts predict Bitcoin to reach $96 355 by the end of 2021.

“In October Bitcoin was moving by the Q4 2017 course with the correlation of 0.88. That period turned out the third one according to growth rates (+220%). As such, the first cryptocurrency is expected to reach $96 355 by the end of the year,” highlighted analysts.

Furthermore, the experts outline that November is going to become the most volatile month for Bitcoin.

Earlier, the HSP report disclosed that institutional investors are equally interested in Bitcoin and altcoins.

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