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Forex Email Marketing – Forex Marketing Tips


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The number of emails sent on a daily basis runs into the billions and a large proportion of these are business related. Email marketing has become a vital source of communication for business and the importance of this tool in the Forex industry cannot be overstated. Email marketing can really help a Forex brokerage attract new Forex clients and retain the ones they already have. It’s an ideal way to convert leads, as well as being a relatively inexpensive one. If your brokerage CRM has email functionality, you can send emails quite easily. Here are some hints and tips on how to make Forex email marketing work for you.

Writing Email Text

Writing effective emails that will help get you Forex leads is not as challenging as it sounds. The best way to do it is to focus on the main components of the email and handle each aspect one at a time. It’s always important to stick to short and simple messages that make it easier for the recipient to read. It’s great if you have the knack for doing this, but even with basic writing skills, you’ll soon start to find it easier to write marketing emails that turn to leads. Most Forex brokerages have a good CRM solution in place which will make your task even easier as you can create drafts that your colleagues can also use.

Sender Email Address and Subject Line

It is worth bearing in mind that when you send emails to a large database of prospective clients, you should set the sender’s email address appropriately, avoiding the use of no-reply addresses such as [email protected]. This only makes them look like spam, so it’s better to choose a real person’s name such as [email protected] or a department name like [email protected] With regard to the subject line, a good subject line in itself is an email opener, so a big effort should be made to craft eye-catching words to avoid your email being sent straight to the bin. The subject line should address the topic and be clear about what the email is about without being too long. Short subject lines with a few words are more likely to be opened. For the Forex industry in particular, it’s also important to ensure that your subject lines don’t make false promises. Always provide accurate information in a clear language that doesn’t sound too good to be true, such as exaggerated execution speed.

Email Content

The body of your email should include your key message and include any appropriate images. It is recommended to address the recipient with a friendly tone, focusing on the benefits clients get from working with your brokerage, rather than just the features offered by your company. Paragraphs should be kept short with a maximum of three lines of text on a mobile device. Test emails are always a good idea so you can see exactly what your recipient will receive. Good use of colour and images will make your emails visually appealing, as will a well-designed template, which will help increase click-through rates. The call-to-action (CTA) is undoubtedly the most important part of a marketing email. This is the action you want the recipient to take and can be done by placing a button or link in your email. Once again, the CTA should be short, clearly stating what the reader is doing or will receive by clicking it.

Other Tips  

There are a few other ways to increase your chances of success with email marketing. A good CRM will, for example, allow you to create groups of leads which you can then target and can create a campaign where those leads get emails with specific types of content, such as basic information about your trading platform. You could then follow-up with an email to the same group a week or two later with more detailed information. Personalising your emails by addressing the recipient by their first name is also advisable as they seem more likely to have been sent by a real person instead of from an auto-generated list or bot. It is also worth noting that there are several specialised marketing platforms such as Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign or Sendgrid, that can help you manage and deal with your clients and prospects, sign-up confirmations, email newsletters and more, along with your email delivery. These are a great help with the marketing automation process and simplify the whole forex email marketing procedure. Where to Get Leads It’s always more effective to build your own database rather than buying an external list. You can gather email addresses from people interested in Forex trading via a form on your website, offering a demo account, attending expos and hosting webinars, for example.  Marketing emails are one of the best ways to get leads and nurture them so that they convert into clients.  If you’re looking for a Forex CRM that provides you with email marketing capabilities, or are thinking about launching a Forex Broker turnkey or Crypto Broker turnkey, both of which offer you the opportunity to utilise a large range of marketing tools, contact us to find out how we can help you exceed your expectations.

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