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How to Choose the Best FOREX Affiliate Program


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This article explains how an affiliate program works, the types of partnerships available and what you should know if you’re thinking of getting involved. You will then be best positioned to choose a trustworthy and revenue-generating FOREX affiliate program.

FOREX Affiliate Programs

A FOREX referral program involves the introduction of new clients to a FOREX trading platform who then receive a commission based on the value of the new sign-ups, orders or trades that the company receives. Referral partners are usually agents, entrepreneurs or experienced traders. Most good FOREX brokers who work with referral partners also provide them with a package of promotional and branding tools, so they don’t need to spend time creating marketing materials and can focus on using their expertise on attracting new referrals instead. This method is ideal for those who already have a well-established social media presence or other online trading-related platform such as a blog or any other kind of influential social media presence such as a YouTube channel.  Hence, if your specialisation is in creating quality content or providing valuable advice, you’ve created a large following and you’re looking for ways to monetise it, this kind of partnership is ideal, since it can provide a great revenue stream that generates higher revenues than other referral programs.

White Label Partnerships

White label partnerships are designed for investment companies and other financial institutions so they can offer trading services without the need to develop their own platform. A White Label involves putting a company’s own branding and stamp on a version of the FOREX platform so that they can provide these trading services to their own customers.

What to Look For in a FOREX Affiliate Program

If you’re thinking of becoming a FOREX affiliate, it is important to choose the best partner. You’ll need to ask yourself whether the options you are considering will give you the best possible rewards and whether you will be easily able to persuade traders to sign up. You’ll also need to look at whether the commissions are competitive and the level of assistance the FOREX company provides to make it easy to onboard people such as high-quality marketing materials, banners, email templates, widgets and social media images, that you can use with ease. They should always provide comprehensive support in your native language and 24/7 access to your partner portal so that you can start seeing a fast return on your investment. Finally, you should check the trading platform is one of the best out there and offers access to a broad range of financial instruments including FOREX, shares, indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies and whether the broker fully regulated.

Which FOREX Affiliate Program to Choose

FOREX affiliate programs can be an excellent way to supplement your income while creating value for your customers. The best ones comprise of a complete sales and marketing strategy, a back-end portal for keeping track of ROI, and comprehensive support to make the process as easy, effective and profitable as possible.  As we noted, many FOREX brokers offer individuals the opportunity of partnering through various affiliate programs. There are also B2B specialists who offer specialised technology to FOREX brokers to enable them to offer affiliate programs to their clients.  As one of the leading technology and liquidity service providers in the B2B sphere, B2Broker offers FOREX brokers an ideal solution for maximising their revenues.

IB Module

B2Broker’s IB Module is the most effective marketing tool available on the market. With this module, as your business grows, your audience grows in parallel, without your direct involvement allowing you to concentrate on other operational aspects. The IB Module works in different ways; the rebates calculation can be based on lots (your invitee trades lots – you get %/lot), markups (your invitee trades on the marked up spread – you get a % on the markup) and commissions (your invitee trades and pays commissions for trading – you get a % from the commission paid). Rebates can currently be calculated daily, weekly or monthly, with a real-time IB calculation module in the pipeline.
  • Multilevel up to 30 levels
  • IB accounts can be nominated in any fiat/crypto currency
  • Reporting system on rewards and transactions
  • Statistics of referral activity: number of visits and registrations
Customers of Trader’s Room, for example, one of B2Broker’s flagship products used by many brokerages across the industry can integrate the IB Module, providing them with a highly effective affiliate program software solution to help them boost their FOREX affiliate earnings potential. This is an ideal way to optimise your operations and increase your revenue-generating possibilities. Alternatively, our IB Module can also included as part of our MT4/MT5 FOREX White Label solutions along with Trader’s Room. For more information about our IB Module, contact us today and ask about our special offer.