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The Poly Network hacker attack: the situation is going to be ridiculous

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The Chinese Poly Network project experienced the most giant hacker attack ever taking place in the crypto industry. Due to the attack assets worth $611 million were stolen, and the incident had become a bad signal for the market in general. Meanwhile, further events are outside of logic.

On August 12, the hacker has returned most of the stolen assets, except for USDTs worth $33 million. Those funds were frozen by the Tether corporation after the breach. What is going on?

Why are stolen assets returned and what were the grounds for the most known crypto breach? According to experts, the hacker accidentally lost his anonymity while transferring stolen funds to his account on the Hoo exchange. The return makes it possible to avoid criminal proceedings.

What’s even more interesting? The cybercriminal refused to obtain the reward of $500 000. As of today, Poly Network offered this reward to those who will help detect bugs and holes in the protocol.

Is the story of the most giant crypto breach over? Tons of assumptions are wandering about the Internet, and no one may state where the truth is. Perhaps, the hacker is a big fan of Poly Network who had a will to disclose the Сейexisting problems. Somehow, the whole story reminds us of the robbery of the century when Mona Lisa had been stolen, then found, and become the most popular work of art ever.

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