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Digital Currencies overview and Crypto Transactions in FOREX industry
Here’s a chance to catch B2Broker CEO Arthur Azizov presenting his keynote speech at the recent iFX Expo Dubai. Arthur provides a revealing insight into what’s happening in the crypto market and the advantages of crypto transactions which have seen a staggering thousand-fold increase in market capitalisation.
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Belarus: A Unique FOREX Jurisdiction
The turnout to our webinar entitled, “Belarus: The Fastest Way to Start a Regulated Forex Brokerage”, was excellent, as was our revealing Q&A session. We were happy to have you join us and hope the session proved helpful.
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Цифровые валюты. Новые возможности для рынка FOREX
Генеральный директор B2Broker принял участие в ежегодной конференции АРФИН, которая состоялась 30-го марта 2021 года в Беларуси.
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Цифровые валюты национальных банков
Артур Азизов был приглашен выступить на международном экономическом форуме государств – участников СНГ «СНГ - 30», который состоялся 11-12 марта. У вас есть замечательная возможность узнать видение будущего технологии блокчейн и использования криптовалют от одного из ведущих экспертов отрасли.
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How to build a competitive advantage with a Copy Trading Platform
Watch our free webinar and get insights that can help to empower you business.
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B2Broker CEO Arthur Azizov Discusses Prime of Prime Liquidity
Arthur Azizov takes to the stage to share his knowledge and wisdom with the audience. Arthur is a regular returning speaker at this popular event and despite Covid-19 restrictions, drew a huge crowd of over 1,000 with his presentation entitled, “Prime of Prime Liquidity”.
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How to launch a multi asset broker
A detailed overview of the steps to start a brokerage business and aspects to care about. Get a better understanding of the requirements and what a brokerage business needs to become a successful participant of the biggest industry.
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How To Start A Cryptocurrency Exchange – Arthur Azizov @ Blockchain Life 2019
CEO Arthur Azizov delivers a riveting keynote speech. This is a must-watch session entitled, “New Trends in the FX & Crypto Industries”, where Arthur reveals 6 of the latest trends in the FX and Crypto world. These include all the hype surrounding Perpetual Futures and the logic behind them, Stablecoin growth (regulated, unregulated and decentralised), Blockchain Evolution (Solana, ETH 2.0 & Polkadot), Evolution of the Crypto market & CBDCs, and DeFi platforms. He concludes with an overview of new buzz-word, Ecosystems, citing B2Broker as an example.
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