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B2Core Update: Introducing Two New Modules and a Mobile Banner Configuration Option

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B2Broker, a leading provider of technological solutions for Forex and cryptocurrency brokers, has introduced two new modules in its latest B2Core update. The commission cashback module allows brokers to refund a portion of their clients’ commissions, while the data import module makes it easier to import trading data into B2Core. In addition, the update introduces a new option to customize mobile banners in B2Core Mobile. This gives brokers more flexibility in how they present their brands to their clients. Thanks to these new features, brokers can provide a better experience for their clients.

Commission Cashback Module

As everyone in the industry knows, exchanges charge users a commission for their trades. B2Core has launched a new Commission Cashback Module that works in conjunction with the B2Trader platform. This module allows users to receive cashback on the commissions for buying and selling crypto, as well as for holding crypto in their wallets. The more a user trades and the more crypto they hold in the wallet, the higher the cashback amounts they receive.

Exchange admins can now create a bespoke commission cashback plan tailored to their users! They can choose from multiple variables, including the percentage of cashback awarded, holding currency, cashback currency, and holding period. The B2Core team has crafted a comprehensive user guide and detailed How-to article to help brokers get started with this new feature with minimum hassle.

Data Import Module

The Data Import module developed for Back Office B2Core simplifies user, account, and IB data upload by allowing administrators to import their own user data. The new functionality provides admins with an easy way to input data by using either a .CSV or .TSV file format. With the ability to quickly upload users, accounts, and info for IBs (Introducing Brokers), the Data Import module provides an excellent solution for admins striving for accuracy and efficiency.

For a comprehensive grasp of the Import Data module, admins can consult the user guide and How-to article designed to provide a step-by-step walkthrough for importing data to B2Core.

Customizable Mobile Banners

The latest update also introduces an innovative change to the B2Core Back Office that allows for separate banner configuration in JSON data format for the Mobile application. This necessary feature gives users more control over the appearance and display of banners within the mobile application.


The latest B2Core update has brought some exciting new features to help brokers run their businesses more efficiently. The commission cashback module allows users to receive cashback on trading commissions; the data import module simplifies user, account, and IB data entry; and the customizable mobile banners give more control over the appearance of banners within a mobile application. With these new features, brokers can enhance their operations and offer an improved experience for their clients.

The B2Core team is dedicated to providing brokers with a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions that improve the user experience. Keep an eye out for more upgrades and updates in the near future, including improvements to device management systems, helpdesk service systems, and security upgrades. If you have yet to try out B2Core, there has never been a better time to start.

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