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B2Broker Launches $5M USD Venture Capital Fund

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B2Broker Group has announced the launch of its venture fund, B2Broker VC. The initiative will enable the investment in, and nurture of external projects that are of interest to the group, including new fintech startups and payment systems, thereby creating synergies for the group.


Back in 2017, B2Broker Group started working on its own internal corporate venture fund focusing on the development of some specific projects. Capitalisation of the group’s fund has since grown steadily and now includes a portfolio of projects that the company has invested over $15 million in so far.

Of particular focus is the launch of B2BinPay in 2017, a crypto payment solution, B2BX, a platform for the trading of digital assets, Eqwire, a digital banking service and B2Prime, a regulated integrated liquidity provider.

Procedures and Stages

Companies who would like to apply for funding are asked to follow a step-by-step procedure starting with the preparation of an application and documents. This is followed by a product performance evaluation, follow-up questions and a series of meetings and evaluations before the final decision is made. After the signing of various documents and agreements, the first tranche of investment will be released after a process which takes between 2-6 months.

The kind of projects that are of interest to B2Broker VC are ones that match the group’s goals and business model. These include:

  • Fintech development: Products and services for Forex, securities, derivatives, CFD and crypto markets.
  • IT development: Development of payment systems, trading and brokerage platforms, risk management systems, analytical systems.

We are particularly interested in companies who have Bridges Technology and plugins for MT4/5, Trading Platforms for FX/CFD trading and those who have built trading platforms for Crypto Perpetual Futures, Crypto Spot trading and Securities trading on Exchanges. We are also looking for HUB and liquidity aggregation solutions and technology for market making on crypto exchanges.

  • Automation: Products in the field of automation of external systems and process automation services.
  • Products/services suitable for B2Broker’s ecosystem such as KYC solutions, marketing services, products and services for the brokerage market.


B2Broker VC carefully considers each application received and investigates the possible mechanisms of cooperation, regardless of the size of the company and entrepreneurial experience among the founders.

To submit your application and become a global leader with B2Broker VC email us at [email protected]

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