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Canada welcomes carbon-neutral crypto-based ETFs

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Canada keeps defending its title of the most crypto-progressive country. Earlier, the country hosted the first Bitcoin ETF, starting the global trend. The Canadian government shows that cryptocurrencies and ecology are equally important, as the two carbon-neutral ETF funds based on digital assets are about to appear in Canada.

November 9 is going to become a revolutionary day for the global crypto community, as institutional investors are getting a greener option to enter the crypto market. Carbon neutral funds are run by Purpose Investments, a Toronto-based investment company that aims to make investments as more client-centric as possible.

What is the idea of two exchange-traded funds (Bitcoin- and Ethereum-based ones) that are going to debut on the TSE (Toronto Stock Exchange)?

The partnership with Patch enables the investment company to understand the carbon footprint of the launched funds. No matter how hard it is to measure the exact footprint from launched funds, diverse options are integrated. Purpose Investments plans to invest in CO2-removal solutions to make the funds truly carbon neutral.

Ecological issues are among the most vital when it comes to digital currencies and mining. As such, the Canadian investment company is ready to find the balance between crypto-investments and ecology protection.

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