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The best way to develop a cryptocurrency exchange

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The best way to develop a cryptocurrency exchange

Crypto trading volumes constantly grow, and business owners want to capitalize on such a fast-growing trend. Cryptocurrencies have multiple functions, being understood as an investment instrument, payment option, or even an effective measure against inflation. More than 60% of holders prefer to keep their crypto funds on centralized exchanges; this is why a crypto trading platform is among the most profitable up-to-date business solutions.

What is the best way to run a crypto exchange? Business owners have to resolve a dilemma – either to undergo all the steps on their own or to apply for custom solutions provided by experienced leading companies. Cryptocurrency exchange development services are on the rise, and there are some key advantages of such a way.

Advanced technologies to jump your business to a new level

The overall number of established crypto exchanges is close to 400; this is why a newer business faces a string of hurdles related to the high competition level. Your platform has to offer traders and investors brand-new solutions that serve as attention-magnets.

A turnkey crypto exchange implies cutting-edge technologies that include advanced trading instruments and tools, detailed information, and other useful features for a newer trader/investor. Furthermore, such a solution provides business owners with rapid matching order systems that enable users to get their orders executed instantly.

Legal issues: how to make potential clients rely on your platform?

Decentralized exchanges require no company and license but such trading platforms cover less than 3% of the overall trading volume. This said a centralized trading platform is a better way to succeed.

The task requires a business owner to found a company and get a crypto exchange license that makes your activity in compliance with the local crypto regulation. A turnkey solution guarantees that experienced professionals undergo all the stages on their own, and a business owner enjoys the outcomes.

Deep liquidity book: how to execute traders’ orders?

The more liquid a crypto exchange is, the more clients such a platform is about to attract. A turnkey crypto exchange guarantees a business owner the highest liquidity on both internal and external levels. Furthermore, you may get a bridge to other exchanges, offering registered clients the opportunity to leverage arbitrage trading.

Business owners may select cryptocurrency pairs to add from the very beginning. As for other pairs, the listing process is straightforward enough; meanwhile, be careful, protecting your clients from scam projects.

B2Broker cutting-edge solutions to help business owners conquer the industry

When you are going to build cryptocurrency exchange, B2Broker is the best company to apply to. Qualified experts reach peaks, draft off, and move to other ones, breaking all the limits on their way. What can a business owner obtain, applying to B2Broker for a turnkey crypto exchange?

  • A fully licensed exchange that matches the current legal norms and standards.
  • Advanced and innovative interfaces for both managing staff and users.
  • A unique workspace for traders and investors, as a turnkey model implies a set of widgets activated by managers.
  • Fully-functional APIs that support both REST and WebSocket methods.
  • A powerful order matching system to process up to 30 000 requests per second.
  • 5 endpoints to integrate your crypto exchange with Coinmarketcap.

Furthermore, business owners pay for host services and customer support. No hidden fees and payments are attached!

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