iFX Asia 2022 | Trading Platforms White Labels. Benefits and Challenges
Do you want to know more about white-label trading platforms? Watch this keynote speech by a B2Broker expert and learn everything you need to know. This video is essential viewing for anyone looking to get into the Forex or crypto market, so don't miss out!
iFX Asia 2022 | Building FX and Crypto Ecosystem
In this video, two B2Broker experts from Hong Kong share our insights on building an FX and crypto ecosystem. It's a really informative presentation, and we think you'll find it helpful if you're looking to get into the FX or crypto markets. Be sure to check it out!
iFX Asia 2022 | Liquidity in APAC and Beyond
B2Broker's Chief Dealing Officer, John Murillo, participated in a panel discussion on liquidity in APAC at the recent iFX Asia conference in Bangkok. Five other industry experts joined him on stage, sharing their thoughts on the current state of Asia-Pacific liquidity and how it affects businesses across the region.
iFX Cyprus Tour: Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Exhibition with B2Broker’s CEO
In this video, B2Broker CEO Arthur Azizov will give you an exciting tour around the exhibition and tell the history of B2Broker. He’ll also show our booth and discuss our products and services.
B2Broker Q&A: How to add my new token or coin to a broker trading platform?
In this video, B2Broker CEO Arthur Azizov will explain how to list a new cryptocurrency on a broker trading platform. This process can be complicated for those who are not closely familiar with the crypto space, but Arthur makes it easy to understand. After watching this video, you'll know exactly what you need to do to get your new token or coin listed on a major trading platform!
Our Heroes | Episode 5 | Meet Deepak: Brilliant Dancer and HR Manager
The hero of today's episode is Deepak Stephen, HR manager. Through his dancing passion and dedication to work, Deepak has become an essential part of B2Broker team and helped us to find new talents. In this video, he will discuss his career journey and what inspires him to be in the best shape possible.
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