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Journey to the EU Blockchain Convention: The Story of ‘La Leyenda’
When a mysterious man appears in front of an unsuspecting soul in a bar, he brings with him the promise of something special: "La Leyenda ." Follow this mysterious figure as he leads his unwitting companion to the EU Blockchain Convention in Spain, where a chance meeting with B2Broker awaits.
EU Blockchain Convention Spain | Why Market Making is Key for a Crypto Market Recovery
B2Broker's Chief Dealing Officer John Murillo joined a panel of industry experts to discuss why market making is critical for the recovery of the crypto markets. With an analogy of market makers being like bartenders at a high-tech cocktail party, panelists explored the role of these entities in keeping the market orderly and liquid. Speakers also addressed the differences between traditional and crypto markets and how market makers can help bridge that gap. Watch now and learn about how market makers drive the crypto industry forward! x
How to Create a Crypto Brokerage?
How to Create a Crypto Broker in 2023? - B2Broker
Cryptocurrencies are advancing at an amazing speed of its development every day, opening up new opportunities for creating businesses related to crypto technologies, which are being actively implemented in different areas of our lives.
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