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B2Broker Company News | 03.09.2021

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The B2Broker team has wrapped up another busy recent work schedule focused on a variety of product updates, including B2Trader, which we have informed our clients about separately. In the meantime, we have shared a variety of articles and videos onto various online media channels and released 4 exciting and informative new webpages. To follow is a summary of the last 2 weeks happenings:

Articles Posted/Media Publications

These articles have been shared online for information and education purposes. We have also received mass coverage in the global media about our new $5M USD venture capital fund and share 2 links for your information:

New Website Pages

We have launched 4 new website pages, a great addition to our innovative and constantly evolving website which further reflects our technological experience and know-how.

Presentations page:

An extensive library of all current presentations available in multiple languages.

Partnerships page:

Various ways in which you can work with B2Broker such as product integration and venture capital. Includes a link to our vacancies.

Marksman Hub page:

New product Marksman hub is a reliable gateway into digital asset liquidity pools. Supports spot and perpetual futures liquidity.

Fees & Pricing page:

Find all the current prices for products, tariffs and links to product packages.


An additional 6 videos were added to our Youtube channel to promote our products and services including another 3 editions of our B2Broker Faces interviews:


Number of new employees this week: 6

Have a great week ahead!

B2Broker team

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