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B2Broker: The Development of the Company’s New Website and Branding
Rosemary Barnes
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B2Broker recently launched its new website and corporate branding amid a high-profile media and PR campaign. This was the company’s first major website and corporate identity update involving a team of over 20 people and was one of the most in-depth projects of this nature that the company has undertaken. Those involved in the project were true professionals with extensive experience in the Forex and Cryptocurrency industry who also possessed the technological experience and know-how to textually, graphically and analytically implement the project in a way not seen in the industry before. The project was a carefully coordinated and timed strategy aligned with the company’s expansion plans and to reflect its position as the leading global technology and liquidity provider.

The Brief

The main focus for the team was the portrayal of visual ideas and concepts. They were tasked to create new design concepts, colorful images and graphical elements to help potential clients understand more about the company’s offerings in order for them to quickly appreciate all the advantages B2Broker had to offer.

Over the course of a year, the 20 team members set out to build the best website in the industry, which not only reflected the full essence of the company’s products, but provided general information about the industry. Another key task was to simplify the sales process so that potential clients could find all the information about B2Broker products on the website.

New Branding

The result of this strategy is a new visual hierarchy. The brand strategy is based on the use of nine circles that represent the main products of the company. This visualisation makes it easier to perceive these products, which allows clients to build their business like a puzzle, working with our company and using our products. Moreover, the square around this diagram symbolises the user's safety, stability, and protection. There was a lot of focus on the colour green which symbolises good profit, while the different shades mark market growth and vitality.

Getting the right mix of both graphics and text was an essential part of the designers’ brief. It was important that they conveyed the company’s ideas more quickly and effectively than just text alone and worked on creating concepts involving imagery and graphics with a clean and simple look.

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The new website and branding is an important milestone in the company’s growth and development and are designed to reflect B2Broker’s prime position in the industry, the breadth of technology and liquidity services on offer and the global nature of the company’s operations.

The team worked tirelessly to develop the company's new website and branding, creating distinctive messaging and crafting a cohesive visual identity. The project involved an in-depth and detailed process to show both existing and potential customers what makes B2Broker unique and the extent of the company’s expertise and products and services offerings. The new state-of-the-art website and more distinctive brand now fully expresses the company’s purpose.

The result is a stylish modern website that pleases with a trendy design and provides access to practical educational information that will be useful to everyone in the industry looking for liquidity and technology solutions.

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