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Shanghai International Money Fair Concludes as B2Broker Wraps Up 2019 Expo Attendance

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B2Broker’s busy 2019 expo schedule has just come to an end after the completion of this year’s Shanghai International Money Fair, China, which took place on 13th – 15th December 2019.  As one of the region’s leading expos, Shanghai International Money Fair presented a great opportunity for the B2Broker team to talk with attendees about the company’s latest updates and its extensive range of products and services that were on demonstration throughout the event. B2Broker is once again pleased to share its feedback from this leading Asian expo focusing on China which is known for its strict stance on cryptocurrencies. The expo is one which B2Broker has attended for the last 5 years despite barriers to entry, including strict policies and restrictive regulations enforced by the Chinese government which has resulted in many brokers having to work behind ‘closed doors’ while presenting difficulties to new brokers looking to enter the Chinese market.  However, new legislation will almost certainly be enforced sometime in the near future which we expect to positively impact on the market with repercussions being felt by other countries who will follow suit. There is therefore still huge potential in a country which is estimated to have between 20 – 30 million traders, and one where the technological advancement has been relatively slow in comparison to Russia, the US and EU.  As far as B2Broker is concerned, our strategy in accordance with future developments in the China market will be to introduce our cutting-edge technology to the market and educate brokers, hence it would be fair to say we are in it for the long-haul. With this in mind, Shanghai International Money Fair proved overall to be a highly worthwhile expo and successful conclusion to our busy schedule during the past year, putting us in close contact with a range of potential clients who expressed interest in our products and services. These included: Crypto-Exchange Turnkey, Crypto-Broker Turnkey, Crypto Payment Gateway, Forex Broker Turnkey, Trader’s Room, Investment Platform and MT4 / MT5 White Label solutions. Check out some of the best photos taken at our booth and get in touch today to speak to one of our experts about B2Broker’s liquidity and technology solutions.

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