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Cryptocurrency Solutions – How To Start Cryptocurrency Business


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Effective and proven solutions
for Cryptocurrency Business

Cryptocurrency liquidity

The cryptocurrency market is an emerging asset class on the global arena with a growing adoption of crypto by both retail and institutional investors, and CFDs are a popular and convenient way of trading cryptocurrencies.

B2Broker offers an incomparable Crypto CFD solution aggregating cryptocurrency exchanges, non-bank liquidity providers, Forex brokers, cryptocurrency brokers, OTC orders of institutional clients, hedge funds and thousands of client-broker orders to create the deepest Liquidity pool in the industry to meet all our clients’ needs.

Cryptocurrency Exchange software (Spot Trading)

B2Broker’s Cryptocurrency Exchange Turnkey is a ready-made solution that enables a business to start a cryptocurrency exchange in a short period of time. With cutting-edge technology and an integrated approach tailored to individual and specific requests at a reasonable price, a cryptocurrency exchange turnkey is the ideal choice for businesses looking for a bespoke exchange solution.

B2Broker’s trading platform, B2Trader, comprises a powerful matching engine system where unlimited tradable assets including digital assets, fiat currencies, etc, can be listed. A highly customisable and attractive proposition for today’s demand.

Start a Crypto Brokerage

The profit-potential with crypto can exceed traditional financial instruments many times over. The cryptocurrency market is on track to grow even further in line with all the big developments recently seen in the crypto industry, therefore this is an ideal time to start a crypto brokerage.

B2Broker can get a business started in as little as 3 weeks with a customisable Crypto Broker Turnkey package which also takes care of all the legal issues and liquidity and technology aspects of the new operation.

Cryptocurrency Exchange software

B2Trader is an innovative new trading platform with a powerful matching engine that enables brokers to list unlimited tradable assets including digital assets, fiat currencies, forex and equities, etc. Used by many of the world’s best known exchanges, B2Trader offers many other benefits including a web wallet that offers a number of useful features, three-level security system that includes Warm, Cold and Hot Wallets, two-factor authentication and anti-phishing features, and sufficient liquidity that is required to attract clients to an exchange. B2Trader provides the ultimate in performance and functionality, ensuring that all market participants are given the best execution.

Cryptocurrency Margin Trading Solution

B2Margin is a White Label Margin Exchange trading platform developed by B2Broker offering a wide range of functions including on-boarding, compliance, risk management, pricing and trading analytics.

Offering traders the opportunity to boost their trading with leverage, B2Trader is designed with both institutional and retail clients in mind, supporting multiple asset classes, such as FX, Metals, Indices, Energies, Stocks, ETFs and Cryptocurrencies.

Merchant and Enterprise

Cryptocurrency acceptance is now very important for many online businesses. B2Broker’s cryptocurrency payment gateway allows businesses to send, receive, store, exchange and accept payments online across the world in minutes.

Supporting a large range of coins (BTC, BCH, ETH and many more), Stable Tokens – USDt, GUSD, etc and tokens including BNB, B2BX, OMG and over 800 ERC20 tokens, this popular solution enables businesses to benefit from an additional revenue-stream and another way to differentiate from the competition.

Solutions are available for both Merchants and Enterprises.

Merchant Solution
This solution is geared up for merchants to enable them to offer their customers a huge variety of coins as a payment option. The industry’s favourite crypto payment gateway is used by many businesses who can benefit from an outstanding range of features including low processing fees, no recurring fees, no hidden charges, real-time balance/transaction history, downloadable reports and secure checkout.

Wallet Solution
Wallet Solutions for Enterprise clients allow users to receive, store and send a large range of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Monero. Global transactions between parties are possible for a fraction of the cost of traditional online payment gateways. Highly automated and with transaction speeds of less than 20 seconds, connection can be made in under an hour via a single API, empowering enterprises to offer quick and secure cryptocurrency wallet solutions to their users.

Investment Platform PAMM, MAM and Social Trading

B2Broker’s Investment Platform is a 3-in-1 solution that enables brokers to launch their own PAMM, MAM and Social Trading platform. The platform is ideal for retail and institutional money managers and investors and allows businesses to launch an investment product in just a week to attract new clients, increase the lifetime of traders and boost their profits.

The platform can be fully integrated with MT4/5 and comes with a range of features including web interfaces for clients, admin panel and Manager’s app, history importer, automatic fee payment and more.

Effective and proven solutions for your Cryptocurrency Business

B2Broker has a solid track-record in the cryptocurrency market and has now conquered the cryptocurrency solutions market!

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