The Best Technology Solutions for FX or Crypto Brokerage

Author: Iskander Ziyanurov

Forex and crypto industries are the main and most popular financial markets that attract more and more investors and traders for capital growth every year. Modern electronic trading has been widely developed in many aspects related to the use of high technology, which enhanced the process of making profits from operations with financial instruments. At the same time, technological solutions of different types help to create conditions that allow Forex brokers and crypto exchanges to provide their clients with the best trading experience.

In this article, we will take a closer look at what technological solutions in crypto and Forex are and what kinds of them exist. We will also examine superior technology solutions to help crypto exchanges and Forex brokers. Ultimately, we’ll look at the key aspects to consider when choosing a technology solution provider and how such solutions can help your business.



Trading platforms, payment processing services and analytical web services are the most popular development areas in Forex and crypto.


Trading platforms and terminals, u003ca href=u0022https://b2broker.com/news/what-is-a-cryptocurrency-matching-engine-and-how-does-it-work/u0022u003ematching enginesu003c/au003e and wallets for storing funds are integral attributes of all crypto brokers as well as all Forex brokerage companies.


Cost, ease of use, functionality and build quality are the main criteria for choosing a reliable technical solution to run a crypto or Forex broker business model.

FX and Crypto Industries’ Most Outstanding Technology Solutions

At today’s stage of development, electronic trading in digital currencies and Forex currency pairs is at the peak of popularity due to the emergence of an increasing number of interest in trading from both crypto and Forex private traders as well as institutional investors. Among the incredibly large number of technological solutions for the crypto and Forex spheres, only a few can boast of good quality and democratic cost. Let’s look at examples of effective trading solutions for Forex and crypto assets.

1. B2Broker


B2Broker is one of the world’s leading providers of all kinds of technological solutions for the Forex, crypto, and CFD markets. Among the company’s most popular solutions, one can find the White Label model, thanks to which a newly entrepreneurs can start Forex or crypto broker without considering the cost of resources and time. The company also offers back office solutions, copy trading, and the creation of crypto/Forex brokerage business on a turnkey basis in compliance with all individual preferences and needs of the customer company.

The company’s service of providing liquidity for crypto, Forex, crypto derivatives/CFD equities, and ETFs markets deserves special attention. Since liquidity is paramount to ensure a smooth trading process for both digital assets and currency pairs, a steady volume of liquidity is vital. The company allows satisfying any liquidity needs, using high technologies to efficiently redistribute liquidity flow for different trading instruments and maintaining stability in any market. It also should be mentioned that the company’s crypto processing solution allows businesses of all types to implement a system for mutual settlement using cryptocurrency.

2. AlphaPoint

AlphaPoint is a global crypto-exchange software company. AlphaPoint and its award-winning blockchain technology have been helping startups and organizations find and execute their blockchain strategies since 2013.


With a secure, scalable, and customizable cryptocurrency trading platform, AlphaPoint has enabled more than 150 clients — among which are exchange operators, brokerages, OTC desks, liquidity providers & market makers, and security token (STO) exchanges in 35 countries — to launch and manage solid cryptocurrency platforms.

3. TradingView

TradingView is a web service in the form of trading platform for working with online quotes charts, an absolutely independent source of useful information for traders (economic news, current data) and a professional social network for them. Here they exchange their ideas and opinions, beginners can get useful information and professional investors get access to a wide range of trading tools for the most thorough technical and fundamental analysis.


One of the key advantages of the service is charts with quotes, which have wide functionality and a set of features that are useful for every trader. On them, you can see the price movement of various assets, stocks, bonds, futures, fiat, cryptocurrencies, etc. If you are into Forex business, then with TradingView you can get a complete ecosystem for working with charts, signal processing, analytical and statistical tools to identify patterns and profitable situations in the Forex and crypto trading process.

4. Coinigy

With the help of this universal trading platform, Coinigy, users can track and trade various coins on numerous exchanges with minimal effort. Real-time exchange rates, data visualization, and direct blockchain analysis are all features of Coinigy, which connects to over 45 exchanges and 4,000 different markets and currency pairs via APIs. The platform offers a variety of browser-based applications in addition to TradingView charts, a desktop or mobile app, and other features. With the help of its iOS and Android mobile apps, Coinigy can be accessed from both PCs and mobile devices. A wallet and exchange monitoring tool is also available to site users around-the-clock.


5. Match Trader

Match Trader is the result of collaboration between IT developers specialized in creating transactional platforms and Forex consultants with many years of experience in the industry. This is one of the best turnkey-model Forex broker solutions which allows broker startups to develop a strong brand and grow their business by attracting both newbies and experienced traders.

Match Trader

The platform has an intuitive interface and is easy to use for novice traders. Also, it is equipped with advanced features to meet the expectations of experienced traders. The Match Trader platform is fully integrated with the trader’s room, CRM/Manager application, providing single sign-on access to all broker trading accounts, allowing you to manage all client and IB activities in one place.



According to statistics, more than 50% of all entrepreneurs who are thinking about creating a business associated with e-commerce choose the crypto sphere due to its prospects and a wide variety of products.

What are Technology Solutions and What are Their Types?

Technological solutions represent a large group of services which can be used by third-party companies for the same purpose — to enable users to access financial markets seamlessly and quickly. Such solutions efficiently assist businesses to offer their users portfolio management capabilities, trading, converting crypto to fiat, receiving and sending funds, etc. The complexity and versatility of the technical infrastructure of any crypto or Forex exchange imply the presence of many essential services, services, modules, and applications that, while performing each of their tasks, help to ensure the correct operation of the entire trading ecosystem as a whole and the efficiency of the trading process in the markets. Among the types of technological solutions, the following can be distinguished.

Technology Solutions Categories


Trading Platforms

Trading platforms are the basis on which trading is built in any financial market. Whether you trade Bitcoin or make a profit by trading currency pairs on the Forex market, the trading platform is the main element with which you interact. Online brokers and crypto exchanges use different trading platforms with their own advantages and disadvantages and unique features that make them attractive to professional traders. The most popular platforms for crypto and Forex brokers are MetaTrader 4 and 5, cTrader, and Match Trader. Many crypto exchanges use the aforementioned TradingView platform.


Payment Processors

Payment processing services are also a popular development area in crypto and Forex. Without exception, all crypto and Forex brokerage firms use processing to carry out operations on the deposit of funds and their withdrawal at the request of users. Often, payment processing works on the basis of mathematical algorithms created using programming languages and designed to ensure fast and secure transactions with low trading fees. Each service also has its own work characteristics and therefore requires a thorough study of the properties and characteristics before connecting. One of the best solutions on the market offering impressive functionality is B2BinPay.


Analytical Platforms

Analytical platforms and services aim to help active traders improve their trading strategies by using a range of tools that reflect the state of the markets as a whole, the state of each individual trading instrument or group of such instruments, in order to see a picture of upcoming changes that may affect the direction of price movement. Such platforms play an important role in supplying market participants with all the necessary information to carry out the trading process.

Key Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Technology Solutions Provider

Key Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Technology Solutions Provider

As with any choice in life, when choosing a technology solution provider, you must be guided by a particular plan that considers certain criteria that will determine the use of a specific product or service. As a rule, a large variety of alternatives prevents beginners from making the right choice without having a plan for the selection. To make a choice simpler and easier, we will consider several vital aspects that will help make the right decision.

1. Usability

Ease of use is one of the most important aspects to consider when deciding on a solution provider. Since the user experience is formed mainly as a result of the interaction of users with the product at the first time, it is necessary that the solution has a simple and understandable interface, pleasant design and stability in operation. Modern technologies make it possible to provide a trading system with all the necessary services and tools that allow you to access a reliable, fast and functional solution that can give you the best experience in the financial markets.

2. Pricing

To make the right choice, you need to carefully study the market for available offers. To do this, it is necessary to correlate the results of comparisons according to the selected criteria. The cost of the solution is one of those elements that, without taking into account, it is impossible to make an informed decision. Each company offers its own ladder of prices, and before deciding to buy, it is worth examining what functionality the solution offers and whether it is worth the money. It is also worth remembering that such solutions are sometimes quite expensive, requiring further checking of your budget.

3. Customer Support

Today’s market has several top-notch products with a wealth of practical trading capabilities, but regrettably, they are devoid of technical assistance. Support will assist in resolving any issues with the trading process configuration on specific business needs and help prevent unpleasant user experiences through early instructions on using and navigating the system through various tips, advice, and recommendations. New users occasionally need help understanding all the aspects and details of using a new product. To handle customer inquiries, the Forex or cryptocurrency technology solution should have customer service operations available around the clock.

How Technology Solutions Can Bring Your Business to The Next Level

Thanks to the development of crypto technologies, as well as the rise in popularity of the Forex market, numerous companies have appeared that are developing innovative approaches to simplify business processes within crypto exchanges and brokerage firms. New solutions began to emerge, among which the most popular today are cryptocurrency processing, which allows you to carry out various operations with cryptocurrency, namely receive, send, transfer and convert. Also, many related services for analytics and control of the investment portfolio arose, since it became necessary to analyze trading activities and adjust the trading strategy if necessary.

The use of technological solutions can also significantly help to compete with other market participants, as it allows you to use additional systems and tools to make the trading experience more interesting, diverse and efficient. The use of additional solutions can significantly increase the client base as a consequence of expanding the range of traded financial instruments, providing exciting features and unique opportunities that other companies cannot offer. At the same time, many technological solutions help to automate a number of business and trading processes, which can help save time and resources.

Moreover, the use of third-party technology solutions gives you the opportunity to learn every aspect of their work in order to be able to create your own solution in the future. Such a solution will help to increase the competitiveness of your company in the market, because this factor will become a driver of increasing the influx of active users who will be able to buy and sell digital currencies, communicate on the platform through chats and groups, as well as to analyze their portfolio. According to statistics, every 3 companies after using a third-party solution come to the idea of developing their own solution, both independently and with the help of turnkey.


The use of technological solutions today allows Forex brokers and crypto exchanges to reach a new level in technical terms and significantly expand opportunities not only for their business, but also for their clients. By introducing different kinds of solutions, the company emphasizes its desire to improve the user experience, which will definitely help the company to become a leader in the market of providing Forex and crypto trading.